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When Said gets back to Em City, he finds Poet reciting his latest composition, which is an ode to Augustus Hill containing not a single line worthy of transcription. muMs gives it a good reading, though, and I guess that's good enough for me. Arif approaches Said and immediately discerns that the business meeting didn't go very well. "How can you tell?" wonders Said. "Your eyes are filled with rage," replies Arif. Again I ask, how can you tell? His eyes are always filled with rage. That man seriously needs some Visine. Said excuses himself and goes off to think, which inevitably means that he too ends up ensnared in the seductive web of McManus's meditative maze. Did the guy use some sort of adhesive paint? At least Said seems to be getting into it, what with the all the running and jumping about. In fact, I actually think he almost smiled there for a second. All Redding ever did was stagger around and occasionally stop to beat his (crack) head against the floor.

Cafeteria. Morales is worried about what Redding might be up to now that he's giving up the kitchen for the telemarketing gig. Spying Alvarez across the room, he invites him over for a nice little lunchtime business meeting. Morales wants him to try to get information from Poet, and even offers to allow him back into "El Norte" if he agrees to help. Alvarez, however, wants to be like "Mahatma fucking Gandhi" until his parole hearing, and thus refuses to do any spying.

But just like certain other TV spies I could mention, he does still have a certain weakness when it comes to his mother. She's waiting for Alvarez in the visiting room, but before I recap their conversation, I'd just like to say that the one bad thing about being the official HBO drama recapper of record is that I never, ever get to watch Alias, which also airs Sundays at nine. It's one of the few great tragedies of my young life. Anyway, Mama Alvarez seems to be a lot like her son. She's spicy, hot-tempered, and bitter about pretty much everything. I can't speak intelligently about her tendencies towards playing with her own excrement, but I certainly wouldn't rule out the possibility. Her best line? "If you're so tough, think what that says about the bitch that bore you." Ooh, burn. Of course, Miguel gets a pretty good comeback: "Yeah, you do bore me." Heh. Go Miguel! ¡Y tu mamá también! Eventually they do stop fighting and sit down to talk. Miguel wants his mommy to ask Maritza, his old girlfriend, to finally come down for a visit. Mama thinks a request like that would have weight coming from Miguel, but he refuses. "I ain't gonna beg," he says defiantly. "She should just show up."

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