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Fourth Time's A Charm

With that, they arrive at the Arena for the last time. Probst points out the four contestants in attendance, none of whom look particularly excited about this challenge. They probably just want to get it over with so they can vote out whoever wins. Except for Rob, who is thinking of ways to get rid of Ashley even though she has no chance of beating him in the Final Three and some of these Redemption Islanders do. Probst explains: this will be a nasty endurance challenge where each contestant will place his foot on one end of a see-saw. On the other end is a large vase. If the vase falls, you're out. The last person left will re-join the game. The others will become the jury members. Andrea should be quite pleased with this because an endurance challenge (and a lower body one at that) is probably her best bet against these guys. The contestants place their feet on the board and the challenge begins.

Twenty minutes in, Grant nearly loses his balance but manages to recover. Matt has a lapse of attention and also nearly loses his vase. Mike is also starting to struggle. "Wake up. Wake yourself up," Probst says, sounding barely awake himself. All four make it to the forty minute mark, and now Probst is really bored. He hates endurance challenges. Grant tries to move his leg a bit to stretch it out, but he ultimately moves too much. His vase wobbles and falls and, amazingly, he is the first contestant out of the challenge. I can't tell if Rob is happy to see him out or sad. He seems to think Grant is his biggest threat if he came back in the game, so I guess he's happy.

After an hour has elapsed, Andrea decides to try to stretch her leg as well. Probst takes note of this, and Matt stops paying attention long enough for God to knock his vase over. This is his first time losing a Redemption Island challenge, and Probst makes sure to rub it in. "And with that, Matt is out of this challenge and out of this game. After 36 days in the game, you survived 10 duels but fell short when you needed it most. Matt is the sixth member of the jury, has no shot at winning," he says as Matt waits and hopes for some lighting to come down and strike his opponents dead. But God has forsaken him, so his time in this game is officially, finally over. With Mike still in the challenge with only Andrea to defeat, Rob has got to be shitting bricks. Both Mike and Andrea struggle and nearly lose their balance a few times. Probst reminds them to stay focused, only for Mike to wipe his face and lose his concentration just enough to drop his vase. Andrea wins the challenge and spot back in the game! I'm kind of pissed because I wanted Mike to win and to go back in the game and win it and ruin Rob's perfect season. But at least I can take some pleasure in seeing that Rob isn't all that happy about seeing Andrea re-enter it, either. Phillip claps seemingly sincerely for her. Everyone else scowls. Matt walks past the Murlonios, and Rob says he did a "hell of a job." I'm sure Matt cares what Rob thinks.

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