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Fourth Time's A Charm

The four Redemption Islanders stand before Probst, who says that Andrea, despite being the "biggest underdog" (not really -- women traditionally do well in endurance challenges and Andrea actually won immunity in one earlier this season) has won her way back in the game. He then has Grant, the first loser, burn his buff and walk out. Grant does, and actually gets a good-bye interview, saying that he might have fallen short of the million dollar prize, but feels like he received plenty of gifts during his time on the show. Aw, he seems like a nice guy. Who smokes a lot of pot. It would have been nice to get to know him beyond his, like, four interviews and the one Tribal Council where he talked about how much he loves his fiancée. I will not miss his nasty dreadlocks, though. Matt is the next to go, and he says he spent 29 of 36 days on Redemption Island but he was never alone. Guess who was with him the entire time? The cameraman! Also God. Matt says he was happy to be a "vessel" for God or whatever. I'm just so happy the God is finally over. Until the Final Tribal, when he'll probably bring it up again because this kid apparently talks about nothing else. Mike is the last to leave. He says he was really hoping to win and get back in the game, but he didn't. Thank you, Mike. As always, you have very little to say. With that, Probst calls the Murlonios down to welcome Andrea back in the game, which Phillip does very sweetly, actually. Every once in a while he acts like a pleasant human being. It's nice. Probst asks Andrea if she feels like she's part of Murlonio now after they blindsided her. Andrea says she doesn't and she'll have to win immunity and work some strategies. But Rob gets the last word, of course, saying that he's not super-worried about Andrea being back in the game because Ashley is his target and the person he's most afraid of going against at the end due to being the only other person trying to play this game.

Andrea returns to her camp. She says coming back was awkward and her tribe obviously wasn't that happy to see her, which she expected. She says she doesn't want to sit back and wait for something to happen this time around, because if she does then she'll just get voted out again. To that end, she talks to Ashley and Natalie, telling them that the people on Redemption Island saw everyone in Rob's alliance as his puppets and thus have no desire to vote for any of them except Phillip, who Ralph is apparently ready to vote for, and Matt and Mike and even Andrea started to agree with him. Andrea then interviews that she totally lied to them and that no one is planning on voting for Phillip. She's just trying to plant seeds here. I'm not sure how successful that was, though, since as soon as she's gone, Ashley turns to Natalie and asks if they're voting for Phillip if Andrea wins immunity. So yeah, they're still ready to vote Andrea out. Ashley wants to make sure that Phillip will be the next one to go and not her, since she thinks Rob wants to keep Phillip around. Natalie says what Rob wants doesn't matter if the three girls vote the same way. Ashley mutters that she's not sure if they should trust Rob, then interviews that she was actually happy that Andrea came back in the game, since she won't be teaming back up with Rob and therefore might ally with her and Natalie, giving them the majority. As for Natalie, she says she wants to "relax today and figure it all out tomorrow." Because waiting is always a good idea in this game.

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