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Fourth Time's A Charm

Probst asks Rob if Andrea isn't a super awesome powerhouse, having beaten Grant, Mike, and Matt to win a place back in the game. Rob says she was in the quadruel and continued to be when she almost won immunity today. He sings Andrea's praises before noting that that makes her a dangerous person to go up against in the Final Three. With that, they vote. Andrea votes for Rob. We don't see how anyone else votes, because they obviously all voted for Andrea. Unbelievable. Natalie and Ashley are idiots. Or they would be, except that we know now that they both knew that Rob had the idol and would almost definitely play it, so there was no point in trying to vote him out. Probst returns with the urn. Does Rob play his idol? Of course he does. So Andrea is doubly screwed. And she knows it. Probst reads the votes. One for Rob. One for Andrea, with a heart drawn on it that pretty much guarantees it was written by a woman. Sure enough, the rest are for Andrea as well. Redemption Island: meaningless. Two people came back into the game from Redemption Island and both were immediately voted out. Andrea gets the first proper good-bye post-Tribal speech of the season, saying that she was hoping the other girls would make a big move and do something strategic but they didn't, and so she has no respect for them. You know, it might have been in Ashley and Natalie's best interests to both vote for Rob even knowing that he was going to play that idol, because then at least they would have given the jury a reason to vote for one of them in the end over Rob. But they didn't, so Rob is just one Final Immunity Challenge win away from having this game in the bag.

The Final Four return to camp. Phillip demands a group hug that you know none of them want to take part in and interviews that he always suspected that Rob had the idol and thinks he played it "brilliantly." He says he can't believe he's in the Final Four (seriously) and that his Stealth R Us alliance did exactly what it set out to do. Uh ... except for the part where Grant was there with them. Natalie and Ashley again celebrate being the last girls standing and Ashley does her now-standard bitchterview saying that Andrea said she and Natalie didn't make any big moves in this game, but they're still in the game and Andrea isn't. "So I get the last laugh when all is said and done," says the person who might have had a chance to win this thing if she'd gone to the end with Natalie and Andrea. Phillip goes off to get water, and Rob hugs Natalie and Ashley and promises them the Final Three. Rob interviews that after ten years and over a hundred days in this game, he is just one immunity challenge away from winning the million dollars.

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