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Ending where it all began

After Mal leaves, Jayne walks over to Dobson, who tries to warn him of all the trouble they're in. Jayne sarcastically observes, "Gee, I've never been in trouble with the law before." Dobson explains that Simon's cargo is considered very valuable. Jayne reveals that they all know the "cargo" is actually a girl: "I don't think she's all there, you know. Of course, not all of her has to be." How lascivious. Thankfully for the HoYay crowd, he's expressed far more fascination with Simon than River since then. Dobson warns Jayne that even if he kills him, the Alliance will continue to pursue them. Jayne playfully slaps Dobson on the thigh with the flat of his knife blade and insists that he's not going to kill him. He's just going to cut Dobson for a while, until Dobson reveals how much he told the Alliance about them. Dobson spits out immediately that the Alliance knows everything about them. Jayne reads Dobson's face for a moment and determines that he's lying and that the Alliance doesn't know a damned thing about them. Jayne mocks Dobson for being an officer of the law and not being able to withstand an interrogation and tell a decent lie. Dobson switches gears and tells Jayne that River's worth a lot of money. If he helps Dobson, Jayne could get enough of a reward to get his own ship. Jayne asks if helping Dobson out would require him turning on the captain. Dobson tells him that it would. Jayne looks at him meaningfully. So that's why they had that stupid fight at dinner. They want to make us think that Jayne would betray Mal, though we already know from both "Ariel" and "Bushwhacked" that any attempt to sell out Simon and River hinged on his not getting the rest of the crew in trouble.

Meanwhile, Mal heads up to the bridge to find out from Wash that there's a ship approaching. Mal worries that the Alliance has caught up with them, but it's not an Alliance ship. It's a much older vessel that isn't used much anymore. Mal demands more information. Wash can't see the ship yet, but scans tell him that there's a lot of radiation coming from the ship because it's operating without core containment. Wash points out that doing so is tantamount to suicide. Mal looks out the window and declares, "Reavers." We see a shot of the ship floating outside, even though Wash just said it was too far away for a visual. The tense Percussion Of Ridiculously Improbable Space Cannibals plays as Wash and Mal look horrified.

Commercials. What I want to know is how these Bod people can afford this huge media blitz every Christmas and Valentine's Day. It's not like anybody actually buys that stuff.

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