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Ending where it all began

Commercials. Those commercials about drug money funding terrorism are true. These other commercials say so. Somebody needs to sit the folks at the Office of National Control Drug Control Policy down and explain to them all the concept of "circular logic." And also tell them that these two obnoxious men in their current ad make me want to inject heroin directly into my eyeballs.

When we return, Serenity lands on the lovely dustball known as Whitefall. It looks like every other hinterplanet they've landed on so far. Jayne, Mal, and Zoe head out to meet Patience and deal with whatever she's got planned for them. Zoe observes to Mal that their meeting spot is a perfect place for an ambush. Jayne scurries up and explains that he buried all the McGuffins. We get the "funny" little scene shown in the pre-season promos of Jayne testing his communicator with Mal standing right next to him. Jayne checks to see if Mal can hear him. Mal says he can, because Jayne is standing right there. I have to tell you that this little scene made me positively dread Firefly over the summer, because I didn't find it funny at all. Fortunately, it wasn't indicative of the type of humor on the show. Mal theorizes about how Patience's ambush will go: she'll show them the money; they'll tell her where they've buried the goods; then she'll signal snipers on the hills to shoot them all dead. Mal sends Jayne around to take out the snipers before Patience arrives. Jayne snarks, "Are you sure you just want to piss yourself and back down like you did with Badger?" They had to give Jayne that line in order to set up some "dramatic conflict" in a couple of scenes. Mal tells Jayne not to kill anybody if he doesn't have to. After Jayne scurries off, Zoe says that Patience will still have the advantage over them. Mal says, "Everyone always does. That's what makes us special." And cancelled.

Back on Serenity, Book quietly makes his way over to Dobson's quarters. He whispers that he thinks Dobson may indeed be in danger, and slides open the door to the room. But rather than listening to what Book has to say, Dobson, who has freed himself, zips out of the room and knocks Book out with a heavy bottle. After Book goes down, Dobson strikes the floor a couple of times with the bottle. Oops -- I think we were supposed to think he hit Book, but the camera angle makes it too obvious that he didn't. And it's a good thing that Dobson's such an unreasonable asshole, making his final fate much less of an ethical problem than it could have been. We don't want our antiheroes to be too anti.

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