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Ending where it all began

Back at the ambush, Mal has just finished explaining where the McGuffins are buried. So they're all finished up here? They are. Well then. Well then. Everybody just stands there, facing each other, both sides pretending that they don't know about the ambush. Obviously, Patience had instructed her sniper to fire once she found out where the goods were, but of course, that's not going to happen now. Silence spins out. Continents drift. Suns burn out. Phil asks who will be eliminated tonight on The Amazing Race. Finally, Mal asks them to turn around and leave first. Patience explains that there's a little hitch. She says she doesn't let go of money unless she has to, which is why she runs a planet, and Mal's just a little space pilot.

Up on the ridge, Jayne stops having fun pointing the gun at Mal's head and drifts over to target Patience's men.

Mal throws the money back to Patience and tells her there's no reason to go killing anybody. Patience starts lecturing Mal about how stupid he is so that it's more dramatic when he makes a fool out of her. He points out the guy on the horse standing next to her, loudly pointing out his rifle and asking if he's her best shooter. He is. Patience brags about how great an aim he's got. Mal points out his ridiculous top hat, so that Jayne knows who to aim for. Jayne gets the hint and shoots the guy in the head, knocking the hat off and also killing him. Gunplay ensues. Mal and Zoe take out a couple of Patience's men. Then Zoe gets shot right in the chest and goes down. Ouch.

Cut to Wash on the bridge with Simon. Wash tells Simon that maybe he could convince Mal to drop him off somewhere better than Whitefall. Simon says that Wash doesn't have to worry about him. Wash says that when Zoe's out on a mission, he's got plenty of worry to spread around. Suddenly, Kaylee's voice comes over the intercom, warning them all that Dobson took River. She's managed to work her way over to the speaker in the infirmary somehow. Simon runs off down a corridor. Wash starts to follow, but suddenly his call waiting goes off.

Back on the planet, gunplay continues. Mal shoots some more. Jayne shoots some more. More men go down.

Simon rushes down to the catwalk over the cargo bay as Dobson punches the button to open the loading door, River in tow. Simon aftshadows his tendency to throw himself at men who are all wrong for him by hurling himself off the catwalk on top of Dobson. It would have been funny if this had been some sort of recurring joke -- pretty, "civilized" Simon constantly hurling himself bodily at the bad guys. This is the third time. Well, the first, actually. You know what I mean. Both men go down. Dobson's guns go skittering away on the ground. River backs away toward the stairs.

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