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Ending where it all began

Then Mal, Zoe, and Jayne arrive at the ship, and the sound of the horses distracts Simon. He turns to look out the cargo door, and that's all Dobson needs to pick up the other gun and open fire. Dobson misses Simon, who falls to the ground. So Dobson strides over to River, who is still cowering behind some space cargo, and grabs her. He points the gun at her head and starts warning that if anybody makes a move, River will get -- BLAM! Dobson's interrupted by Mal. Actually, he's interrupted by Mal's gun. Actually, he's interrupted by a bullet from Mal's gun, which has lodged itself in Dobson's head. Mal casually shoots Dobson dead as he boards his ship. River shrieks in horror. Mal heads over to the body to make sure it's dead. Then he calls for Jayne to help him toss the body off the ship. They do, as Zoe shuts the cargo bay doors and tells Wash they're all aboard.

The ship starts taking off. Mal, Zoe, and Jayne all run up to the bridge to play backseat pilot. The Reaver ship is getting close. Mal worries about the Reavers launching the grappling hook. Wash says that he needs Kaylee in the engine room. Jayne rushes down to the infirmary to carry Kaylee over. Mal rushes down to the corridor and orders Inara to get the civilian passengers into her shuttle. If the Reavers attack the ship, they all may be able to escape. We get the requisite romantic tension, as Inara worries that the Reavers will kill Mal. He even touches her on the shoulder as he orders her to go round up the others.

Mal rushes back on the bridge to ask how things are going. Wash "jokes," "I don't mean to alarm anybody, but I think we're being followed." Indeed, we get another cool CGI shot of the Reaver ship chasing after them across the planet surface.

Jayne carries Kaylee out of the infirmary, Book in tow. Inara rushes in to collect Book, Simon, and River. Book insists on helping Kaylee, but tells Simon and River to go with Inara. Book follows Jayne and Kaylee up to the engine room.

After another chase shot, Mal worries that they're getting too close. Wash calls over to Kaylee on the communicator to see if she's in place. She's propped up on a shelf in the engine room, ordering Book and Jayne around. She asks Wash if he wants a "full burn." Wash says not yet, but tells her to get set up for one. She has Book flibble a doohickey.

On the bridge, Zoe worries that a "full burn" in atmospheric conditions will cause some sort of blow-out, or blow-up. Mal realizes that even if it doesn't, the crazy suicidal cannibals would likely do the same thing, so they wouldn't get any distance. Mal tells Wash that they need a Crazy Ivan. No, not a Crazy Ivan! What's a Crazy Ivan? Based on an actual submarine maneuver, a Crazy Ivan is a game of ship chicken, where you head directly at the enemy vessel. Yes, I'm sure those crazy, suicidal space cannibals will cower and dodge when Serenity, which is about a quarter of the size of the Reaver ship, comes barreling through. Wash passes along to Kaylee that they need to do a Crazy Ivan, so she has Jayne fobobble a widget. Jayne is confused and wants to finagle a thingamabob, but Kaylee corrects him. She says, "Okay, no it's real simple," as Jayne opens the panel of the widget and is confronted with blinking lights and a mess of wires. He gives her a "you gotta be kidding" look.

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