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Ending where it all began

The space-grit-cam shows the Reaver ship preparing to deploy its grapples. Is everybody ready? They're ready. Wash foodles a whatever and Serenity spins around. It turns out that this is really a modified Crazy Ivan. They don't head directly at the Reaver ship. Instead, they pass directly underneath. After they pass by, Wash orders the full burn. Book flibbers a gibbet, and Jayne fadoodies a wooloomaloo. A huge burst of light and fire emanates out of the back of Serenity as it takes off. The Reaver ship gets caught up in the wake and gets blown down toward the planet's surface. They did it!

As Jayne hoots and hollers in the engine room, Zoe gets all lovey-dovey with her heroic Wash and says there's no way the Reavers can follow them now. Except they could do what they did here, which was to follow you at a distance and then pounce after you've landed. But they won't, because they've realized that there's no point in eating you guys; you're already dead. Mal uses the communicator to tell everybody they're out of the woods. Inara and Simon look relieved. Kaylee caresses the side of the engine room and tells the ship that she's a "good girl."

Back on the bridge, Wash says they'll need to find a place to refuel and patch things up. Zoe tells Mal, "Sir? I'd like you to take the helm please. I need this man [Wash] to tear all my clothes off." Wash responds, "Work, work, work." Enjoy it while it lasts. Ow. That was a mean one. Sorry. Well, I hope this show does get all these actors some good gigs if it doesn't get picked up by another network. I wasn't particularly fond of a lot of the writing, but the actors did a good job all-around with what they had. Mal takes over the flying as Zoe drags Wash away.

Inara is treating Book's head wound over on her shuttle for some reason. She suggests that he have Simon look at it, but Book insists it's not bad. She says she's sure he'll be fine. Book responds, "I didn't say that." Inara looks at him, confused. Book asks her if this is what life is like out here in the hinterplanets. Inara says that it is, sometimes. Book says that he left his abbey two days ago, and since then he's seen all this awful stuff. He mentions Mal shooting Dobson and says he's not even sure what Mal did was wrong. Book worries that he's on the wrong ship. Inara says, "Maybe. Or maybe you're exactly where you ought to be." Oh, is she the one to blame for all of Book's annoying lectures? Damn you, Inara! Book bows his head and Inara puts her hand on it, mimicking some sort of absolution gesture.

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