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Ending where it all began

As the Alliance prepares to launch the ships, Mal floats his way back to Serenity and orders Wash to deploy something called a "crybaby." We cut briefly to what looks like a metal trashcan orbiting around the moon. It has antennas attached to it, along with a handmade sign that reads, helpfully, "Crybaby." For those of you who care, the trashcan has the Blue Sun logo all over it. Back on the Alliance ship, a bellboy tells them that they're suddenly picking up a distress call from a nearby personnel carrier. We cut immediately back to the crybaby, just in case some of the slower viewers don't get it. As Mal, Zoe, and Jayne make it back into the ship with the containers, Head Bellboy mulls over whether to go directly to help the "personnel carrier" or arrest the antiheroes first. The crew gets the containers into the cargo bay, shuts the door, and Mal flicks a switch, turning on the gravity. The crates fall to the floor. Mal orders Wash to get them out of there. The ship starts taking off, and we see the ship's rear end light up in a weird spray of yellow. It's reminiscent less of a firefly and more of an octopus spitting out ink as it escapes. Except yellow, not black. Jayne speaks his first lines: "Let's moon 'em!" Then we're all disappointed to discover (well, I am, anyway) that he was speaking metaphorically. Serenity's back end glows brightly for a second, and then it flies away. Back on the Dortmunder, Head Bellboy lets Serenity go, but puts out a warning on the cortex about the firefly-class ship with stolen goods.

Back on the ship, Jayne pulls the cargo around and declares the mission a success. Mal walks out of the cargo bay, muttering meaningfully, "Right. We win."

You can't take the…oh, screw it. It's not funny anymore.

Wow, they went a long way to try to find something nice to say about Star Wars II on DVD, didn't they?

When we return from commercials, the crew is looking over their ill-gotten gains. The boxes are full of bars of something that looks like it could be gold or a precious metal of some sort. It's not, but we'll find that out later. Everybody coos over it. Wash and Jayne bicker in the background while Mal flips over one of the bars and notices some markings on the bottom. He flips it back over and replaces it before anybody in the crew sees it. He tells the crew he wants to get the McGuffins delivered as soon as possible before they encounter another Alliance patrol. Wash tells him it will be three or four hours before they hit Persephone. He tells Zoe to contact Badger and let him know that they got the goods. Zoe's picking up from Mal that there's something wrong, but he tells her he's just itching to get paid.

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