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House uses his cane to dramatically fling the Henry's privacy curtain open. He tells father and daughter that Henry's heart was causing his latest problems, and asks Henry about his cheese-tasting party. For most of the following conversation, I thought they were actually talking about Henry's ex-wife and using "cheese" as a cover word to keep Amy out of the loop, so you can imagine how shocked I was when House started asking Henry to describe how the cheese tasted and smelled. It turns out they actually are talking about cheese, specifically whether the cheese was unpasteurized sheep cheese that is chock full of bacteria. Bacteria like Brucella. Guess what? It was. So Henry's got himself some brucellosis. Henry wonders why he was the only person who got sick from the cheese that everyone ate, to which House answers that most people have enough acid in their stomachs to kill the bacteria. Henry, however, was taking antacids for his acid reflux disease, making him especially susceptible. TUMS's stock plummets.

Later, Wilson and House spend some time together playing foosball. Of course, House keeps needling Wilson about his problems with his wife, pointing out that Wilson's socks don't match today, which must mean that he got dressed in the dark as he tried to leave for work in the morning without waking up his wife and having to talk to her. Or maybe he just ran out of clean socks and was left with two sock orphans to make into a pair. Wilson changes the subject to House's patient, and House says that either he's wrong about the brucellosis and Henry keeps dying (and since there is a chance of that, you'd think House would be spending his time trying to think of what else Henry could have instead of wasting it playing foosball), or he's right, and they either caught it in time to cure him, or they didn't and Henry's heart will give out.

Cut to Henry's heart giving out. Chase defibrillates the hell out of him, zapping him, like, six times. Can you blame him, though? This is the first time in quite a few episodes that Chase has had anything to do. Might as well make the most of it.

House and Wilson continue to play foosball. House continues to ask Wilson about having an affair. Wilson continues to deny it. House tells him not to admit anything to his wife, or else Wilson will end up sleeping on House's "lumpy" couch. I'll bet it is lumpy, too; he's probably got his Vicodin stash hidden in one of the cushions.

Chase managed to get Henry's heart beating again, but there's been too much damage. Henry has a week to live unless he gets a transplant.

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