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A Hardman is Bad to Find

Harvey enters Louis's office to find him slavering about getting to bash redundant departments in the head after the Swinton merger. After some obligatory banter, Harvey asks Louis to go easy on Mike for a few days. Louis reminds Harvey and the new viewers that he, Louis, is in charge of the associates, so Harvey makes a big show of revealing the secret information that Jessica took Mike to dinner last night. To the same place she took Louis, as it happens. Harvey leaves Louis stewing in his own potent brew of nostalgia and jealousy.

Mike gets out of a cab outside the office to find Jenny waiting for him and wanting to know what's up with him and Rachel. Mike is tired of this conversation, but admits that Rachel kissed him. Jenny accuses Mike of lying about whether anything happened, but he gives a total attorney-weasel defense about how he was not technically lying but answering the question she was really asking. "Oh, you are such a goddamn lawyer! Oh, wait, that's right -- you're not." Ooh, burn! Mike reminds Jenny that she kissed him when she was with Trevor and she says that's because she wanted to be with Mike -- which is how she thinks Mike feels about Rachel. Mike says that "wasn't true" and she busts him on the past tense. Looks like that's about it for Poor Man's Ali Larter, then. But as she leaves, she reveals that Trevor told her two days ago. "Right before he told me that he was going to tell Jessica Pearson you're a fraud." Wow, could Mike's day get any worse?

Mike moves like a dead man walking as he enters the office with the fraud theme playing all over again. He lurches into the bathroom to find Louis lying in wait for him, reminding him that he's his boss and that he wants a redundancy list for the Swinton merger yesterday. "And get a mint because your breath is disgusting," Louis adds. Which must have made it easier for Jenny to break up with him, at least.

Meanwhile, in the ladies room, Donna is tweaking Rachel for drunk-dialing Mike from the office. Donna wants more details, and Rachel admits to having kissed Mike on the mouth in the library (with the lead pipe). And now it's been three days since Rachel left the message and Mike hasn't said a word (because Trevor got it, not Mike -- not that anyone knows this yet). Donna says that he either got the message and doesn't feel the same way or he didn't get the message. "And who doesn't get their messages?" I have to stop typing for a minute while I raise my hand. They figure that Mike's silence on the matter to Rachel means he made his choice. Donna's summoned away by a text message of her own, but before leaving she asks how the kiss was. "Good enough to make me drunk-dial him," Rachel says ruefully. Not according to Louis.

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