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A Hardman is Bad to Find

Mike goes into Harvey's office, takes one look at him on the phone and realizes, "You knew." Harvey ditches the call he's on and admits he found out last night. Mike asks what they're going to do and Harvey deadpans, "We got no choice. We have to leave the country. I can get us two tickets to Buenos Aires and have the chopper on the helipad in ten minutes." Mike gets pissed at Harvey's levity, which Harvey says is a good sign because it means he's not panicking. But then Harvey says Jessica ordered Mike fired, which sends Mike into a fresh tizzy. "Haven't I taught you that there's more than one response when someone has a gun to your head?" Harvey reminds him. "And right now there's not even a gun in here." Mike frets about the gun wandering the halls that's going to start shooting when it sees him (get back to me when that gun shoots ninjas, Mike), but Harvey gets on him to give that plaintiff "the Harvey Specter treatment" already. Suddenly Donna busts in to announce, "Alicia Hardman died last night." "As in Pearson Hardman?" Mike asks, using that superhuman memory of his to display that he remembers the name of the firm he's working for under false pretenses. Harvey says that's the other partner's wife and hurries out, but not without being asked by Mike when Harvey was going to tell him Jessica knew. "I wasn't," Harvey says. That I believe.

Louis intercepts Jessica on her way to the elevator to let her know he's assigned the Swinton redundancy list to Mike Ross, which he thinks will make her happy now that he thinks he knows how much she likes him. "Excellent, when?" she asks, perking right up. She acts all pleased about how Louis gets her and leaves him holding an elevator door for her while she does a 180 and heads back into the office. Cut to her and Harvey striding towards each other like gunfighters until she demands, "What the hell is wrong with you?" "Not here," he says and the duck into a conference room that she shoos Howie the nerdy associate out of with a simple and abrupt, "No." Jessica knows Harvey put Mike on Louis's radar so he couldn't leave abruptly without raising questions, and Harvey doesn't bother denying it. "We've got bigger fish to fry." He breaks the news that Alicia Hardman is dead. "Which means Daniel Hardman's coming back," Harvey points out. Jessica thinks Harvey's using this to save Mike (which he totally is; you don't get to Harvey's station in life by not taking advantage of every blatant deus ex machina that comes your way), and it comes out that they only got rid of Hardman in the first place by blackmailing him to his wife, so now their leverage is gone. I sometimes wondered where Hardman was, but given that this firm appears to consist of one owner, one senior partner, his assistant, his associate, his arch-nemesis and a lot of background extras that nobody ever seems to mind having private conversations around, I didn't sweat it too much. They agree to fight Daniel's return, because as Harvey says, "That asshole's coming back and he isn't coming back so he can be number two."

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