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A Hardman is Bad to Find

On the sidelines of Alicia Hardman's funeral, Harvey and Jessica are using the opportunity to engage in some quiet banter whose starting point is how good Daniel Hardman looks, even though he appears scraggly and unkempt. "Being a prick keeps you handsome," Jessica says, which Harvey makes all about himself. Jessica does admit that Harvey and Daniel are cut from the same cloth and Harvey agrees that's why he doesn't like him. "There can be only one," he rasps. Jessica calls him out for quoting Highlander at a funeral and Harvey points out, "A lot of people die in that. Seems appropriate." Harvey points out the difference between himself and Daniel: "He's a lying snake in the grass who'll say or do anything." That earns him a double take from Jessica. So that whole scene was there for the witty dialogue? Oh all right, I'll allow it.

Mike's at the publishing company trying to talk Myra's former boss into giving the plaintiff a settlement... "A crumb of a crumb." She seems willing to agree to that.

Louis and Howie are also at the funeral, and Louis is quietly bitching to the associate about Daniel. "All he ever did was shit on me and make me work long hours for him... and then he just ups and leaves." "To care for his dying wife," Howie reminds him. Louis says he's still not waiting in line to kiss Daniel's ass and Howie clarifies, "Now that she's dead, does that mean he's coming back?" "Actually, this line looks like it's flowing," Louis admits and then shakes Howie down for the pink cancer ribbon he's wearing.

At the bookstore, Mike has presented Myra with a check from the publisher for thirty grand, but she doesn't seem satisfied. Apart from everything else, she trusted her boss and she betrayed her. "Can you imagine what that would feel like?" Exactly the right thing to get Mike to tack the check back, because Mike is a sucker when it comes to anything that might apply to his situation in any way, whether or not it actually does.

At the funeral, Daniel Hardman comes up to Harvey and Jessica and they go through some strained pleasantries before Daniel says, "You must think I hate you both." "That," Jessica points out, "might have something to do with the fact that I was listening the last time you spoke to me." Daniel says the last five years have changed him and he's reconnected with his Harvard-bound daughter and everything. In fact, he's grateful to them. "That mean you're coming back?" Harvey asks. Daniel acts wounded as he says he hasn't given it any thought yet. Well, that went well. Of course neither of them is buying it. Harvey tells Jessica that he can stop Daniel, with some extra motivation. Meaning Mike. "Like I said, cut from the same cloth,' Jessica says. "Make it happen."

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