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Is That A Beer In Your Pocket, Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

Once Slippergate is over, Brent gives a toast. Although his shirt is untucked and he's flushed, it's actually very nice. Then, Leticia gives a sweet and heartfelt toast to the couple. Outside, she and another bridesmaid say that Shelayna is finally relaxed and happy, and you can see that. The total cost of their wedding, all things said and done, was $35,000.

In an interview clearly staged between the ceremony and the reception -- and during which, I'm genuinely happy to report, both Bart and Shelayna look happy -- she says she's happy with how it went and is relieved it's over. Bart adds, "I'm just worried about how I'm gonna get her out of this dress! I ain't had none in a while!" She looks angry, like she has in every shot she has when he's said something dumb, and they're back into their regular roles. At the reception they slow dance with her cheek on his chest and then kiss. Aw.

With that, I hand the reins back to the newly minted groom himself, Mr. Stupidhead. I'm sure Milena is going to make for an excellent wedding gift to him next week.

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