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Beer Bad, Blood Badder

Present. Bridget tells Juliet, "I'm here. I'm not going anywhere." She drops to the floor, and cradles a still sobbing Juliet in her arms. Out in the hallway, Andrew looks on. At first he's shocked at the tender scene transpiring in the bathroom, but he soon smiles, maybe a little sadly. The camera cuts back to Bridget comforting Juliet before we go to commercial.

Loft: It's still night as Bridget enters the loft. She's calling Malcolm, but she's reached his voicemail once again. She (unwisely, in my opinion) leaves a voicemail: "Hey, it's me. My bag's packed. I have the money. I'm all set to go. I just... I can't. For the first time in my life, I'm not the one leaning on people. People here need Siobhan to stay, and I need to stay here for Siobhan. I hope you understand."

Parking Garage: Malcolm is headed toward his car as he realizes he's just missed a call. He curses as he takes out his cell phone and listens to Bridget's message. While it plays, an SUV drives up and shines its lights right in his face. He doesn't move out of the way, which seems weird to me. Anyhow, inside, in the passenger seat, is the menacing Macawi, menacing around and stuff. Just as he's about to get out, a student runs up to Malcolm and hands in an assignment. This is enough to chase off Macawi and his driver. Malcolm tells the kid, "Cutting it close, man." You and him both, Mal. Can I call you Mal?

Paris, Day: Siobhan strolls into the Paris branch of One International Bank, dressed in clothes that just scream femme fatale -- floppy black hat, sunglasses, leather trench with gold buttons, a leopard print scarf tied around her pocketbook strap. She hands the teller a withdrawal slip and, in French, asks to withdraw some money. When the teller enters her information in the computer, he tells her that the account was closed yesterday, in Manhattan. As Siobhan walks outside, she dials her cell and says, "She's ruining everything. It has to get done. Sooner, rather than later." She hangs up without waiting for a response or saying goodbye. We cut back to the...

Loft. Bridget lays down her weapons bag and opens the dead man's chest Dead Guy's trunk. It is completely empty of Dead Guy, and any and all of his things, including his bodily fluids. Bridget gasps as she lets the lid slam back down. Title card. Grrr argh.

Well that's it for me, this week. I have more to say, but the wee-est things about my weecaps are the wee deadlines. And I've just about hit mine. The show dropped a bit in the ratings this week. I don't how long the network will give it to find its legs, but I hope it gets some time. I think Ringer is a weird fit for the CW and 90210 seems like a strange (and weak) lead-in for it, but I don't know if the CW has a suitable lead-in for a show like this. I'm just going to enjoy it while it lasts.

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