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Beer Bad, Blood Badder

We open in the loft. Bridget is calling Malcolm, but reaches his voice mail. As she looks over the dead body of the guy who tried to kill her/Siobhan, she confesses, over voicemail (and does she not think that the FBI might tap his phone?) that she shot someone in self-defense who thought she was Siobhan. "I ran from testifying because I thought it was going to be safe. It's not." The voicemail program then gives Bridget the option to either save her message, delete it, and/or re-record. She thinks for a moment and says, "What the hell am I doing?" before deleting. She gets to work moving the body, which leaves a huge blood streak across the floor. She stops to wipe it up, only to hear someone entering the loft. It is Gemma, because, as you'll recall from last week, the reason Bridget is at the loft is because Gemma said she thinks she knows with whom Henry is having an affair, and she wants to meet there to talk. Luckily, there are three locks on the door, so while Gemma undoes them, Bridget has plenty of time to throw drop cloths and what have you over Dead Guy and his blood stains. Still, when Gemma walks in, her first words are a horrified, "Oh my God!" Title Card. Commercial.

After the break, Gemma (who is also the architect on this project) blows past a horrified, guilty looking Bridget, to exclaim, "I told them to put up sconces, not knock down a wall!" She's referring to the drywall Bridget and Dead Guy crashed through when he was still the Living Guy trying to make Bridget (Siobhan) one Dead Chick. Gemma suggests they fire the contractor and hire a new one. Bridget is all for that, as this will cause a delay that will give her some alone time to get rid of Dead Guy. During a lull in their conversation, Bridget eyes Gemma suspiciously and it does not escape Gemma's notice. "What?" Bridget: "Just wondering what the hold-up was. You...asked me to meet you here." When Gemma hesitates, Bridget looks exactly like Buffy. Oh hush. I know that's because of SMG. It's just the expression is a very suspicious Buffy expression and it makes me happy, just for that reason, but also because I'm glad Bridget has the brains to suspect Gemma. Gemma says she's late because she finally confronted the Nanny about having an affair with Henry. "Her girlfriend informed me Henry wasn't her type." Bridget is equally nervous about Gemma discovering Siobhan's affair with Henry, and about Gemma tripping over Dead Guy, so when Gemma asks if she's just crazy, Bridget is too distracted to answer at first. When Gemma calls her on it, Bridget suggests that maybe Henry's not having an affair and steers Gemma out of the loft.

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