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Beer Bad, Blood Badder

Back at Park Ave. nobody's home, so Bridget enters Siobhan's ginormous wardrobe, which is temptation enough to take over sister's life, if you ask me. She puts down her purse and grabs what I can only think of as Buffy's weapons bag. She ferrets through other purses for cash and Siobhan's One International Bank card. She starts to pack up the weapons bag when Andrew strolls in and asks if she got his message. He and Juliet had it out. She stormed out and now she's not answering his calls and texts. When he realizes his "wife" is kneeling on the floor, he asks what she's doing. She lies that she was just gathering up the dry cleaning. Andrew thinks she looks unwell and should get to bed. Bridget says she was going to take a walk. He's all sort of I-forbid-it and do-as-you're-told-y, which ticked off some viewers, but this is all so campy that I just sort of think it's adorable, although maybe also a clue as to why the real Shiv might leave him. "It's not just you anymore, Shiv. You have to think for two, now." Oh Andrew, you don't know the half of that. Will you be taking your shirt off, now? No. Fine. Be that way.

Morning: Bridget wakes alone to find a note from Andrew on his pillow. Scrawled on the Martin/Charles Financial stationery, the note reads: "Thought it best you two sleep in. Call if Juliet comes home. Andrew." Later, as Bridget is making her way out, Juliet comes stumbling in. I'd dub this a walk of shame, but clearly step-daughter dearest has no shame, at least not yet. When Bridget says, "Juliet," Juliet takes off her sunglasses and tells her not to talk. "I have a headache." Bridget says, "Your father's looking for you. You should call him." Juliet: "I know. He texted me, like a hundred times." When Bridget accuses Juliet of being high, Juliet corrects her: "I was high. Now I'm hung over." She throws her bag on an occasional table and knocks over a flower vase, which triggers Bridget to flashback to...

Lake Tahoe; 9 Years Ago: A soused Bridget, sitting at the bar of some dive, knocks her beer over, hitting the drink of the woman next to her. They exchange terse words, and when Bridget orders another shot and beer, the bartender shuts her off. She stumbles off her stool muttering about her keys, but the bartender says, "Hey, Bridget, you're not driving." He looks around the bar. "Any volunteers?" Bridget says she'll call her sister. "She's the only one who gives a crap, anyhow." We flash forward to...

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