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Beer Bad, Blood Badder

Present Day, Park Ave.: Juliet is on her hands and knees picking up the remains of the vase. Bridget looks at her for a moment and then asks if she wants some help. Juliet snarls that she just wants Bridget to leave her alone. Bridget: I can do that." Once Bridget leaves, Juliet looks sad that her request was granted.

Martin/Charles Financial: Olivia Charles (played by Jaime Murray) is on the phone talking about embracing the technology, when Andrew enters, so she ends her call with a promise to finish the conversation over lunch. Andrew asks his partner what she's doing in his office. She's looking for a list of algo traders, but Andrew says he stopped compiling it last week, because it's not the time to be hiring. See, this is exactly why we must eat the rich. Sorry. I'll be good and apolitical. Anyhow, Olivia insists investors like fresh meat. Andrew counters that they should find new investors, then. The talk turns to an event they're throwing that night. Olivia says she just got off the phone with the venue and they're good to go. Andrew asks if she's spoken to Siobhan. Olivia: "Why would I?" Andrew: "Well, because she did plan the event." Olivia can barely conceal her sneer. "And I let her pick out the cocktail napkins, but I'll take it from here, thank you very much." Oh dahling, if you want to lay your married partner, you shouldn't be catty about his wife to his face. That's bad form.

Loft: Bridget strolls in with her weapons bag hoisted over her tiny shoulder. She is wearing the most impractical white blouse you can imagine for Dead Guy ditching. She kneels and pulls the tarp back from his Dead Guy face, which is still covered with the black ski mask. She sighs and looks around, and then spots a circular saw. Oh Show, if you go there, I'm going to love you forever. She rises, walks over to it, picks it up and turns it on. She is mesmerized by the spinning blade, at least 'til her phone rings and ruins all the fun. I guess ours is not a forever love, Show -- at least not yet. Anyhow, the spoil-sport on the other end of the line is Malcolm. Bridget is afraid to talk on the phone, but he tells her not to be paranoid, it's just him. Right, because as a professor at what the caption informs us is Rock Springs Wyoming Community College (there is a Western Community College in the actual Rock Springs), he can tell by mere vibe that his phone isn't being tapped by the FBI agent who was way interested in his relationship with Bridget, but I digress.

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