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Beer Bad, Blood Badder

Bridget fills him in on killing Dead Guy in self-defense. He tells her to call the cops. She reminds him that she's a fugitive. He reminds her that she's living as Siobhan now, so she can call as Siobhan. Bridget says, "Siobhan just murdered someone with a stolen gun that can be traced back to Bridget. Either way, I'm screwed." Malcolm tells her not to stick around. They agree to meet halfway, and he'll help her figure out what to do next. "Bridget. I'm here for you. Friend. Sponsor. Whatever you need. You gotta know that." Bridget says she does and she'll try to leave soon and get far enough away before anyone finds the body. After she's tidied up Dead Guy's blood trail (I guess that's what she brought the bleach for) and stowed him off to the side, she starts to leave the apartment, but is startled by a loud knock on the door. It's none other than Agent Machado. As Bridget stares through the peep hole, we cut to commercial.

Machado is still knocking after the break and calling for Mrs. Martin. As Bridget is dithering with the lock, Machado notices her shadow and says, "I can see you." She opens the door muttering about tricky locks and closes it behind her, before Machado can get so much as a peek inside. He asks if she'll let him in to use the bathroom. "What is it about cops and coffee?" Um, that's too much information, Victor. Bridget thinks so too. There's also no way in hell she's letting him in. She tells him to use the donut shop across the street. He chases after her asking if they can talk. She says she's already late for a doctor's appointment. He offers her a lift, but she hails a cab as she thanks him and says it's all the way uptown. Victor really wants to talk to her about her sister. Bridget says she'll be happy to, but not today.

FBI Office: A nameless agent gives Victor the very boring skinny on Siobhan and Andrew Martin. He's in finance. She's on the board of multiple charities. Married five years. Honeymooned in Paris. "Her favorite movie? The Notebook. His? A tie between Raging Bull and Singing in the Rain." Victor: "Where'd you get that?" Agent: "Facebook. They're not exactly the type to harbor a fugitive." Victor doesn't trust them because Siobhan lied about not being in touch with her sister and he has the letters to prove it. "The Martin's own a loft on Warren St. See what you can dig up."

Gramercy Park South: Inside their apartment, Henry asks Gemma, "Why would I be having an affair." Gemma says they spend no time together, argue all the time and never have sex. Henry pleads fatigue from work, and their three year old twins, but he's mean and mad at her, which double sucks since he is guilty. He then assures her he's not having an affair. "You've gotta believe me." Gemma pulls out a hotel key card and says the dry cleaner found it in his suit pocket. "Now you wanna tell me the truth?"

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