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Beer Bad, Blood Badder

Their conversation is interrupted when a drunken Gemma slaps a female guest. Henry, collects her and moves her out of the center of the floor if not attention. Bridget sees this as her out. "I'm going to have to see if my friend is okay." Victor: "I'll wait." Bridget: "Actually, I think it's time for you to leave." Victor: "I'm just trying to get some answers." Bridget: "No, you're harassing me, and you're trespassing. I'm not going to tolerate this." Victor: "Oh, so that's how this is going to be?" He nods, thanks her for the food and makes his exit. When Andrew comes up and asks who that was, Bridget says he's a party crasher who came for the free wine and cheese. "But don't worry. I took care of him."

Later, the guests are all gathered around Olivia and Andrew. When Andrew tells them, "A wise man once said, 'price is what you pay, value is what you get,'" the crowd laughs, as does Bridget, who actually also sort of blushes and gets a cute-dopey, "That's my guy," look on her face. He blah blee bloos on about how that's the Martin/Charles Financial mantra, but is interrupted when a cell phone rings. When it persists, Olivia asks where it's coming from. Everyone looks around until a party guest points at Dead Guy's trunk and says, "It sounds like it's coming from that." Commercial.

Olivia starts to move toward the trunk with an, "Oh, you have got to be kidding me," but Bridget heads her off at the pass, opens the trunk, fishes the cell out of Dead Guy's pocket and proclaims, "I've got it," as she slams shut the lid. Just then, a mysterious man enters the party. He rubs his hands together as he looks at Bridget holding up Dead Guy's phone. She can't help but notice how he looks at her. We cut to...

The end of the party. As Andrew is schmoozing his guests out the door, Olivia sidles up to Bridget and says, "Nice move." Bridget: "Excuse me?" Olivia: "Some might see it as desperate, but in finance we call it strategic." Bridget: "What are you talking about?" Olivia: "Getting pregnant." Bridget: "Getting pregnant is not a strategy." Olivia: "It is if you need to hold onto your husband." Just then Andrew returns and asks what they're whispering about. Olivia: "I was just telling Siobhan how excited I am about the baby." Andrew puts his arm around Bridget as he says, "That makes three of us." When he crows about landing six new investors, Bridget smiles up at him as if she really thinks he's her husband. She has such a crushity crush crush crush. It's adorkable, given her circumstances. When Olivia says she's calling it a night, Andrew teases her, asking if she's not going to stay and help clean up. Bridget isn't used to all this money or Andrew actually having a sense of humor, so she explains she already arranged for the event staff to come back and clean up tomorrow. "I figured we'd all be exhausted." Andrew, "Yeah, I was teasing, Shiv." He offers to call Olivia a cab. Bridget and I are already calling her something else.

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