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"An Hour Later, The Cops Arrived..."

Anyway, where the hell was I? Oh, yeah: As Beiste vanishes all teary-eyed and humiliated into the evening mist, or whatever, Will flops back into a slump in his chair, and he sighs and he flails around uselessly for a little while until we cut over to...

...some random classroom the following day. New Finn answers his buzzing cell phone just as the bell rings to find a series of text messages waiting for him from His Mysterious Internet Correspondent, and the two kiddies go clickety-clack at each other while New Finn darts through the halls to the library, with New Finn's Mysterious Internet Correspondent apologizing profusely for lying to him and promising to meet him in person the following afternoon in front of the choir room. Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's not gonna happen. By the way, in addition to having the various text-message bubbles pop up into the air around New Finn's frenzied head, they also illustrate the conversation by having New Finn and His Mysterious Internet Correspondent face off against each other in white-on-black silhouettes, which reminds me of this because I am considerably older that stupid New Finn over there. Shut up, child.

Snap to another one of those swirling, overexposed, dance-through-the-tube shots to Brittany's face, and yes, the camera's supposed to be mimicking a bullet's path through a gun barrel because God knows that subtlety has always been among this show's strongest points, but we quickly find out that the camera's actually been dancing down through an empty Pringle's can, which is what Brit-Brit's been using as a telescope. Also, that comet that's supposedly hurtling towards earth? It was actually a squished ladybug on the far end of the can, so Lima's not about to be obliterated after all. Brittany delivers this good news to her fellow members of McKinley High's Astronomy Club, and great is the rejoicing until Brit-Brit announces that the club's to be disbanded, effective immediately. No, don't bother asking why, because it so doesn't matter -- the important thing is that we're finally rid of that ridiculous subplot for the rest of the evening.

In any event, once the other students have filed out of the classroom, Becky Jackson calls Brittany over for a little heart-to-heart. Becky's always looked up to Brit-Brit, you see, and she'd like it very much if neither of them ever graduated from high school because the world outside McKinley's comforting embrace is a very scary place, indeed. Just go with it. Especially because this conversation exists simply to establish Becky as this evening's third potential shooter. And as Becky's the least likely suspect we've been presented with thus far, this means she'll of course be the one with the gun when the moment arrives. Joy. Also: Tonight's next commercial break.

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