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I Hate You Guys So Much
Then I realize it's my fault by being around negativity.

Ugh, and they're using that "pwing!" noise again that always reminds me of, "Is this thing on?" During this, Chakdaddy is looking off to someone else, nodding for some reason we don't know about. Ana Maria sings this verse, by the way, adding fuel to Ivette's Voodoo Trunk. Chakdaddy tries to drill a pen into his forehead as he listens to Nicole break it down.

The narrator reminds us that this is "emotional." Nicole tells us in this split screen: "One night Maile said something to me, she's like, 'Look. We just have to come to the facts that in the studio you've been very blessed and very, uh, successful with getting a lot of the leads and singing parts of the song. And we just have to get over, uh, you getting whatever you've been getting.'" Nicole's wah-fest is interrupted by her sassing a few notes into the microphone, using the Raised Index Finger of Baduism.

So, Maile comes in to explain what she really meant by bitching Nicole out: "I kept saying to her, 'This is gonna be a hard process because there are going to be people -- could be me, could be anybody else -- that's going to say, 'Why is, is this person getting all the leads?' I said, 'You can't feel guilty for that. Whatever you're being chosen for there's a reason for it. And there's no reason to feel guilty for it.'" And then she handed her a coffee cup filled with Liquid Drano.

Nicole's breakdown keeps coming, despite the narrator reminding us that Maile just gave her "support." Nicole starts J-Lo-ing, "Is that my right note?" And she can't seem to sing anymore.

So we cut to Nicole crying again: "That's probably the hardest thing for me in a group is to deal with that because you're in a group with four other girls that you live with and you're together twenty-four-seven, and you just don't want to upset anybody, and you want to be a team player but at the same time you don't want to hide yourself and what everything you that you have in here and you still want to display that." Now that's a fucking sentence.

Nobody wants to deal with Nicole, so we move onto Ana Maria, who had some sort of "triumph" by finishing this album. "It's the first time I've been out of that environment." Oh, she's going on about how this is a big deal because she didn't do this with her family. She had to be on her own and she's grown. And other uninteresting tidbits about her family.

Oh, God. This song is called "No Drama." How fucking fitting. Perfect. The girls keep singing to the camera and not the microphone with their heads bobbing and their lips pursed and their eyes yearning and I think they don't know that they aren't shooting the video just yet.

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