Shut Up, Maile

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I Hate You Guys So Much

The chorus:

I wanna
No I'm gonna
Get back with no drama
Wanna be happy and live life stress-free
So I'm gonna
Get back with no drama
Not gonna let this world
Get the best of me.

Lord. So, the narrator tells us that recording this song is a "familiar" experience for Rosanna. Because she's lost her voice again. She's out! Kick her out! She's breathing into a vapor machine. She says she's unhappy and that she might have to record her part later on.

Ivette has a hard time getting the timing right on her parts. Ivette is speaking in third person. Hate. Her. "I've always been a performer. But the Ivette that started the album didn't find the transition between performing onstage and using those tools in the booth. Which is a scary thing for me. I was insecure. I knew that I could do it. But somehow I had that Red Light Syndrome that David Foster likes to call it. Is where, you're outside the mic and you can absolutely wail and do it and once you have to record all of a sudden there's something that happens where just doesn't come out right." These girls can't speak at all. During that entire speech we hear Ivette try and get this "Call me!" part of the song correctly, and she doesn't ever do it right.

Maile's having problems singing, "Best of me! Best of me!" Chewbakadaddy has to help her along. The narrator tells us that Maile is frustrated. "I think there is a part of me that thought that I didn't get to the level that I wanted to because I'm a perfectionist and I really like to work my craft as hard as I can." Does anyone still like this girl? Didn't think so. No one likes anyone that says the words "work my craft." God. I. Hate. Her. She says that towards the end she realized she could have been working harder than she already was.

David Foster is sitting in his little Navy suit, telling us that the girls have really grown in two months. He says they "kind of automatically know sort of what they're supposed to do in the song." There's a rousing show of support for ya.

"Fortunately," Rosanna's voice comes back and she's wailing away. What, did she lose it for ten minutes? She tells us that she feels more confident and knowledgeable as a singer. As long as she warms up she's sure she can sing. Great. Thanks for wasting our time with your "problems."

Ivette's talking about how all of them have improved as singers. She says she listened to the first song they recorded and they're just so much better now. That means, "Now that I'm in some of the songs? Totally much better." She says they've grown so much.

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