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Stalker? I Don't Even Know Her.

Cut to the manor's front door, hanging open ominously in the dark. Prue enters cautiously, and the camera pans down her approaching form to linger over each hideous element of her outfit, from the "No wire hangers" Mommie Dearest hairstyle to the cowl-neck sweater topped by a marabou-trimmed knee-length magenta coat to her black satin pants. Okay, you got me. I'm scared. Prue moves down the hallway, noting several smashed mirrors. She steps gingerly over a pile of broken glass to enter the parlor, and we switch to a POV of the apparent intruder, watching Prue. A black-clad figure leaps from the shadows behind Prue, body-slamming her over the back of a sofa. As an overturned lamp shoots sparks on the carpet, Prue TKs the intruder through the window into the yard below. The camera pans in on Shannen Doherty's utterly expressionless face, and we cut to the credits.

Fade up on Halliwell Manor. Phoebe hands Prue an ice pack for her injured shoulder while Piper sweeps up broken glass. Prue's cowl-neck is also sleeveless, with several large wooden buttons down the front. I'm not making this stuff up. I wish to God I were, but I'm not. The sisters engage in intruder chatter. Piper understandably is more than a little creeped out at the idea of a stranger stomping through their house, breaking mirrors and rifling through their possessions. Demon-obsessed Prue wonders why her sisters aren't considering the possibility the stranger was hell-sent. Piper notes the only demon they encountered who used mirrors was "Callie," and they already "vanquished her sorry ass." Prue reminds Piper and Phoebe that the vanquished have returned before, most recently in the form of the Grimlocks of last week. Detective Darryl descends from upstairs, cutting short the speculation. He's dusted for fingerprints, and found quite a few that don't match the sister's samples. And he knows this how -- through a simple visual check? Whatever. He announces he'll run the strange prints through the computer to see if he can find a match. Triad-addled Prue snarks that he'll fail, noting that "Book of Shadows 101" tells them mirrors are portals for demons. Darryl notes that that's not his area of expertise, and asks the three to come up with a "grudge list" of any potential enemies the Halliwells may have made. Prue hands him a sheet of paper containing the names of every demon they've encountered in the last two years, which is not what Darryl is looking for. Prue blows him off, announcing she's heading to the attic to consult the BoS for mirror-related meanies. As she leaves, Piper asks Darryl if he thinks the intruder was human. "In any other house, yeah," he allows. "Around here, you never know."

Prue calls from upstairs, and the three head for the attic. Prue complains that she had locked the now-wide-open attic door, as she had been doing since she and Phoebe caught a demon in the attic two weeks ago. Darryl, incredulous, wonders why they'd lock up the attic but not do the same for the rest of the house. Overconfident Prue notes she never locks the front door, and Darryl bitches the three of them out for not caring at all about security measures all other urban women take for granted. Preach it, Darryl. "We're witches," Prue bitches right back. "We can deal with it." Darryl sighs in frustration, and determines the attic lock wasn't forced. Phoebe finds it "ludicrous" that Prue refuses to entertain the notion that the home invasion was the work of a human, and Prue finds it equally ludicrous that her sisters refuse to find the Triad at fault. Piper calmly asks Darryl to give the three a moment alone for a sister-to-sister conference.

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