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Stalker? I Don't Even Know Her.

Jesus H. Christ on a stick.

I will never be clean again. Never.

Okay, there. It passed. Along with a couple of shots of vodka down my throat. Never again. Do you hear me, Brad Kern? Never. Fucking. Again.

Back to Phoebe and Piper. Fashion. Talk about what they're wearing. Do not think about Leo. Do not. Think. About. Leo. Piper's got herself pretty well covered (Leo) in a green sequined cocktail dress, but Phoebe's threatening to pop (shirtless) out of the little red spaghetti-strap number she's very nearly wearing. I'm guessing duct tape (tongues) is the only thing preventing the patrons of P3AD getting a good long look at Phoebe Unfettered. That said, she does look pretty good, in spite of her limp (snake), dishwater blond hair stringily framing her face (Leo's snake). It can't get (groping) worse, right? (Leo) Wrong. (Leo naked) Prue, in a couple of squares of silver lamé fabric she's calling a dress, perks up to the twosome, while her gals Droopy and Sag wiggle out from the center of her chest as if they're trying to find shelter from the cold in her armpits.

Deep breath.

Piper and Phoebe note Prue's vastly-improved demeanor, and wonder what happened to the demon paranoia they'd come to know and hate this episode. Prue reveals she's set a trap in the attic, using the BoS as demon bait. She cast a spell, using an array of crystals that will electrocute any demon that steps into the grid, but will not vanquish him. This way, once the demon is caught, they can quiz him on the Triad. The crystal she's brought along to the club will glow if anything wanders into the array. "So," Piper wonders with an unfortunate choice of words, "you've booby-trapped our house." Prue admits she has, and brushes off her sisters' concerns that the trap might electrocute a human or even their cat. Spotting Sean sitting down at a nearby table, Prue excuses herself to join him. Piper and Phoebe gape in disbelief. Phoebe notes if Prue continues behaving the way she has, Phoebe and Piper will have to "stage a demon intervention."

I still can't get that horrid image of Leo out of my head. Christ.

Prue approaches Sean, thanks him for meeting her, and tells the passing Abbey to get him whatever he wants. Sean declines the offer, noting he's had his share of free booze. Buddy, pass it to me then. I'm running low on Stoli, and this episode isn't half over yet. Relationship blather. Prue apologizes for not being able to be entirely open with Sean about what she's going through, and he tells her it doesn't matter, as long as she not engage in games, which he notes "drive [him] crazy." Uh oh. "Psycho freaky crazy?" Prue asks. Sean makes a "Nuh?" face, and Prue tells him to relax.

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