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Stalker? I Don't Even Know Her.

On the street outside the manor, Troxa rematerializes to confront Cole, who's lounging against a random car. "Cool your jets," Cole tells Troxa. "I've come to apologize." If Troxa wants the Charmed Ones, they're his to take, as Cole doesn't want to spend eternity watching his back in fear of Troxa's revenge. Troxa doubts Cole's sincerity. Cole shrugs this off, telling Troxa to do whatever he wants, but not to blame Cole if he fails. Troxa strides off, dematerializing into the mist as Cole calls after him, "The key to getting them is in the Book of Shadows. It's up in the attic." Aw, Cole. You so naughty. C'mere, you nasty little demon, you.

Cut to Phoebe stomping through the manor parlor, slamming windows shut as she goes. She's still pissed off at Prue, and will not listen to Piper's hesitant justifications for Prue's behavior. Their little argument is interrupted by the sound of Leo orbing in. He appears, wearing a stupid grin and holding a very large Hershey's kiss. "Not tonight," Piper tells him. "We all have headaches." Word. Phoebe enlists his aid in closing the windows. Troxa the Invisible Mouthbreather enters, and pants his way to the stairwell. Cut to Prue in the attic, where she closes the window. Sensing something wrong, she turns to give the seemingly-empty room the once over. She catches sight of the barely-visible Troxa in a broken mirror, and TKs him back against the wall, stunning him, apparently, into full rematerialization. He leaps on top of her, there's a brief struggle, then Prue flips him over onto the grid. Demon electrocution, part the second. Hearing Troxa's screams, Piper, Phoebe, and Leo race to the attic. Prue pulls one of the crystals out of formation, pausing the electrocution. She demands to know who Troxa is and what he knows of the Triad. Through the smoke rising from his freshly-zapped chest, Troxa refuses, and Prue replaces the crystal to zap him some more. When she again removes it, Troxa gasps out his name, and reveals that the Triad has sent another as well. As he mutters Belthazor's name, the Triad calls him back to hell by vanquishing his goateed ass in a blaze of orange flames.

Apologies from Piper and Phoebe for not believing in Prue's demon theory. She shushes them, telling them they need to check out the two new demon names in the BoS. Piper finds the entry for Troxa, and reiterates what we already know: he's invisible, but is sensitive to cold. Prue guesses that she never would have seen him, had their intruder not turned the house into an icebox. Phoebe asks Leo if this means the sisters have another guardian. He replies that he doesn't know, but it wouldn't hurt in the fight against Belthazor, who happens to be "an infamous demonic soldier of fortune." Phoebe and Prue recognize his image in the BoS as that of the demon they caught in the attic two weeks ago. Piper determines the three are temporarily out of danger, and heads off to bed. Leo orbs out to get more information on Belthazor, and Phoebe also heads off to her room, but not before noticing Prue had scrawled Cole's name in her notes as a possible "Level One Demon." Phoebe suggests Prue call him in the morning to apologize, and Prue, somewhat hesitantly, agrees.

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