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Trip's Brain

Ace: "Do you remember him from Buffy? He was in 'Helpless.'"
Sep: "I have no idea what you are talking about -- it's not genetically encoded into my DNA."

Reed notes that Mozzarella Trip's eating Key Lime Pie. "I suddenly remembered that it's my favorite dessert -- now I know why," Mozzarella Trip says. Wait, I thought his favorite dessert was pee-can pahye. You're not Trip -- you're a clone! It looks like he's drinking lemonade with his key lime pie, which makes my entire body pucker just thinking about it. Reed asks if "these memories just come to [him]," and Mozzarella Trip says that the older he gets, the more he remembers. He half-explains, "It's like I lived this whole other life, I can't explain it." Well, that's okay, because neither can the writers. Mozzarella Trip asks if they can redirect the phase cannons to fire back onto the hull. Reed thinks so, and asks why. Mozzarella Trip says he wants clean off enough party barf to open the launchbay doors. Reed doesn't see where he's going with this. Mozzarella Trip explains that since they just need enough momentum to get out of the Orange Crush, the sh'pods could tow the ship out. Reed doesn't think they could generate enough thrust to get clear of the field. "Leave that to me," Mozzarella Trip says, handing over an e-pad. Reed looks skeptical but amused. That sort of sums up how I feel about this entire episode.

T'Pol, back in her aqua jams, reads. Do they have a laundromat on this ship? I have a feeling that most of T'Pol's clothes fall under the realm of "delicates" and could be done by hand with W'lite. Mozzarella Trip rings her bell. No, I mean he literally rings her bell. To her room. Mozzarella Trip asks if she got a chance to look over his calculations. T'Pol is skeptical, but agrees it's the best option, and she will recommend it to Quantum.

Keckler: "Why is Mozzarella Trip's uniform grey and not the usual blue?"
Ace and Sep, in unison: "Because it doesn't have any genetic memory."

Mozzarella Trip observes that she and ProtoTryp spent a lot of time there together; he even gestures to the floor. T'Pol says that they were doing their Neural Nookie a lot. Mozzarella Trip remembers, and says they were lying there trading off on foot massages and talking about the modifications he was hoping to make to the engine. "How Commander Tucker was hoping to modify them," T'Pol corrects him softly. "Right, Commander Tucker," Mozzarella Trip says. Aw, I feel so bad for the guy. Mozzarella Trip says that ProtoTryp was really enjoying his Neural Nookie sessions. "They were helping him sleep," T'Pol says. Mozzarella Trip doesn't think that was the whole story. T'Pol asks him what he means. Mozzarella Trip leans his back against her wardrobe and asks if there was anything between her and ProtoTryp. T'Pol answers, "If you're referring to a romantic relationship -- no." Mozzarella Trip looks a bit anguished as he explains that he's asking because she's all he thinks about, "if [she] know[s] what [he] means," and it's not just an adolescent crush. "That was, well, that was two days ago." Heh -- good line. If he hadn't said it, all of us would have said it for him. Mozzarella Trip bites his lower lip and says, "This is much more serious -- the way I feel about you." T'Pol just stares at him. Mozzarella Trip says what's driving him crazy is that he doesn't know if they are Mozzarella Trip's feelings or ProtoTryp's. T'Pol sort of chokes that she can't answer that. Mozzarella Trip apologizes for making her uncomfortable. "I'm not uncomfortable," T'Pol says uncomfortably. She's going to do a whole lot of meditating tonight. Mozzarella Trip says he thought he should tell her while he still had the chance. "I don't know, I think it's the perfect relationship," Ace comments. "The guy expires in less than two weeks!"

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