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The Hardy Boys Need To Exfoliate More

The boys walk down another alley. They're happy that the newscaster said "attempted murder" in his description of the crime, and Sam exposits that he'll check on Blondie in the morning. Dean agrees, saying, "First I want to find that handsome devil and kick the holy crap out of him." Sam reminds Dean that they don't have any weapons. They pause, and Sam realizes that it probably drove the Metallicar to Blondie's house. Since the news says the man fled on foot, the car is probably still there. Certainly not having been taken into police custody as evidence or anything. C'mon, now, these "expert demon hunters" really are damn stupid most of the time. Dean stews a bit as they rush toward Blondie's: "The thought of him driving my car. It's killing me!"

The boys run up and find the Metallicar and get excited. For about two seconds, before two police cars flash their lights and they realize they just walked into a trap. Sam tells Dean to go, that he'll hold the police off. Sam tells Dean to meet him at Rebecca's. Wait, I thought they WERE at Rebecca's. Given that five seconds ago they deduced that the monster drove the Metallicar to Rebecca's and now they just found the Metallicar? Sam instructs Dean to stay out of the sewers and then turns toward the police. Who, of course, make no effort to follow the second man accompanying the possible attempted murderer that they set a trap for. JUST WHEN YOU THINK AN EPISODE IS PRETTY GOOD...

Oh, and it can get worse, it can always get worse. Because now we get a low shot of Dean, against a bright, day-lit sky (where did the night go?), standing at the trunk of a car and loading a gun, saying to himself, "I'm sorry, Sam, you know me, I just can't wait." Because, again, the car presumably used by an attempted murderer is just left out on the street for Dean to return to sometime the next DAY?!

Moving along, folks. In the sewers, Dean flashlights his way around, the odd lump of tissue getting in his way as he traverses the sweating sewer floors. He makes his way to NotDean's little lair, all piles of clothes and lit candles, and immediately toward a suspiciously shaking length of canvas. He pulls on the fabric and finds...Blondie! Rut-roh!

Cut to Sam sitting with NotBlonde having a beer (so, nighttime, presumably?). NotBlonde -- who is totally without any sort of cut or wound despite having been tortured and thrown about the night before, so, nice detective eyes, Detective Sam -- wonders, if the shape-shifter is real, how Sam plans on stopping it. He says "silver bullet to the heart," and she narrows her eyes and conks him on the back of the head with her beer bottle.

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