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The Hardy Boys Need To Exfoliate More

NotDean scrambles off of Sam and flails backward but doesn't get far enough away from Dean's gun to prevent those silver bullets from going right in his heart. He slumps dead on top of some table over by the wall, Blondie rushes to Sam, and Dean goes over to NotDean to better look upon his dead countenance. Thanks, computers! But computers can only do so much when they are of the Commodore 64 type used at The WB, and so they cannot actually make Dean and NotDean touch one another. So close-up on Dean as we see his head jerk to the side and hear the sound of a leather necklace being ripped. Pan down and we see he's taken his precious amulet back. "His precious amulet?" you ask, and I hasten to assure you that we have neither ever heard anything about this necklace before, nor will we by the end of the season, but if you'd like to discuss further the preciosity of this clearly central object, there's probably some people on the internet who will oblige.

Outside Blondie's house, Dean studies a map out at the Metallicar as Sam strolls out of the house with the girl. She is busy incredulously asking Sam whether he and Dean really do spend their time hunting "these kinds of things" down. By "these kinds of things," what exactly does she mean? Because, frankly, I have no better grasp on what the hell that shape-shifter was than I did when I was in the womb. How did it work? Why did it do what it did? How did it stop being human? Et cetera, et cetera. Blondie says she can't believe it, that she doesn't believe it even though she saw "it" with her own eyes. She asks if Jessica knew that Sam did this, and he tightly replies, "No, she didn't." Blondie tries to empathize, saying that it must be lonely. Sam brushes her concern off, and she goes in for a hug, saying that everyone at Stanford misses Sam, including Sam's great friend Zach Guzman. Who Sam never bothered to talk to while he was in jail.

Blondie goes back inside, and Sam sighs his way over to Dean. Sam wraps up the Zach Guzman storyline by expositing, "The cops are blaming this Dean Winchester guy for Emily's murder. Found the murder weapon in the guy's lair, found Zach's clothes stained with her blood. Now they're thinking the surveillance tape maybe was tampered with. Rebecca says Zach should be released soon." Hmmm, I wonder if the cops thought it was odd that they questioned a Sam Winchester a night or so before zeroing in on this Dean Winchester? Oh well, no time to ponder these matters, because Free's "All Right Now" starts jamming in the background, and there is nothing I like better than air guitaring to "Drive at Five" standards so I gotta get up to get down right here.

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