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She-dogs and cave dwellers

So this is Thanksgiving, then? A story about Native Americans and werewolves and yet another girl falling for Clark? One thing's for sure: on Tuesday night I already saw enough turkey to last me the whole week.

We start on a very dirty construction site where it looks like ground is being broken. A sign shows a few big office buildings and an offer to rent prime space in this corporate plaza. Hey, fiber-optic internet! Sign me up! The sign has the telltale Luthorcorp insignia. As employees leave for the day, a skinny guy stands at a wire fence and tells folks goodnight and that they did a good job. That and another $20 will help them pay for their kids' karate lessons that month. He turns around, and a big logo on his brown jacket says "Construx Industries." I hear they're owned by "Fiction-Ale Beverages," a subsidiary of "Made-Up Schitt Ltd." This guy looks pretty doomed to me. He turns around, and standing in front of him is a Noble Native American Elder. He is just like every Noble Native American Elder you've seen in any movie or TV show. Skinny Foreman tells the NNAE that he's trespassing. The Elder asks how he can be trespassing on land his ancestors have owned for thousands of years. Oh, here we go. Look, I know how you feel, guy, but I don't run around Texas telling people to vacate their houses because Davy Crockett and his kin stole shit from my forefathers, do I? I mean, not anymore, I don't. "Out of my way, Chief. I've got a job to get done," Skinny tells the man. Elder grabs the foreman by the lapels and warns him that he doesn't understand the consequences of what he's doing. Silly white man. Skinny asks if he's being threatened. "How can I be threatening you? I'm just an old man." How can all his dialogue consist of questions? Skinny tells the Elder that if he has a problem, to take it up with the big guy. But Frank Sinatra is dead! Elder leaves. Skinny locks the cheap fence.

Later, at night...I have no idea why Skinny has to work a night shift alone, but he emerges from a trailer to put gas into some equipment. Being a foreman is a lot of work. You have to do the work of fore men. Skinny hears some rustling in some nearby bushes, which of course should have been cleared but are still within the construction zone. The workers like foliage nearby because it's pretty. Panicked, Skinny runs to his truck, and inside a plastic case is a gun. He loads some big shell into the gun, and as he does so, we switch to Wolf-o-Vision, which is a lot like Lana's psychic vision from the "Obscura" episode, only hairier. The wolf, of course, attacks Skinny, because Skinny is a Bad White Man. In the struggle, Skinny shoots his gun, which launches a red flare into the sky. We cut to gasoline pouring out of the truck from the nozzle. Even the wolf can figure out what's gonna happen next. The flare returns back to earth, and it's Crispy Foreman Time! It sets off like five explosions in a row. The wolf watches the explosions, then walks off-screen, content that he still has acting gigs after Wolf Lake was cancelled. We hear a howl from off to the left. Damn wily ventriloquist wolf!

I've invited noted werewolfologist and werewolf Udo von Fecund to give a little insight into the werewolf psyche:

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