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She-dogs and cave dwellers

Clark in the barn loft. "Lana," he says. And there she is. She comes up and tells Clark she's sorry about Kyla Ho. But watch how quickly it becomes about her again. Clark says he's sorry they didn't get to know each other. "You had a lot in common," he says. Lana says that means a lot. They look out into the stars. Clark tells Lana there used to be a star out there, but it disappeared. Lana says it's amazing how quickly a light can go out. She's starting to get emotional. Clark asks if she's all right. She doesn't think so. Lana starts to cry when she says that Jocko Whitney's mom just called. He's missing in action? Action? Where? On this show? On another show I'm not watching? What? Where? Who? WHY!? Lana cries into Clark's chest as he holds her. The stars are behind them. They stand like that until blackout.

Yeah, WB -- you'll sell me The Vines on CD, but not Norah Jones or Carlos Santana? Man, fuck you guys.

Next week: Nothing! Ha ha! Hiatus! Boo-YAH! Yes! YES! YES! Ahem. I mean, I am very sad not to be recapping next week. See you next time.

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