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She-dogs and cave dwellers

Clark and Lex in a dark cave, waving their flashlight beams around. You didn't think they were going to have caves in this episode without letting Clark and Lex go spelunking together, did you? Lex asks what this has to do with Elder Dude. Clark says he wanted Lex to see the caves for himself. It's called sharing, Lex. It's what luvahs do. Lex says these caves may be more impressive than the ones at La Scalle. And better lit, too. Clark says Elder Dude and Kyla Ho are trying to get a team down to authenticate the caves. Lex asks if Clark is doing all this for some cave paintings. Clark blows some smoke up Lex's ass about how he thinks it's important for people to know their pasts, blah blah blah rationalization-cakes. So, Clark. What was the name of the kid that died two weeks ago? Yeah. That's what I thought. Clark wonders if the people who drew them knew people would view them a hundred years later. They're only a hundred years old? Jeez. Maybe Elder Dude drew them as a toddler. Clark says saving these paintings might be the most important thing Lex ever does. Cough. Cough. Bullshit. Cough. Clark is going to great nookie lengths. Lex notices the octagon hole in the wall. He fingers it softly, as is his wont. Lex says maybe it's more important than anything they can imagine. Lex fixes Clark with a solid look. Clark looks back with anticipation. I hear porn music in my head, but of course, we cut away.

Clark must have done a bang-up (literally, bang-up) job with Lex in that cave, because next thing you know, he's gotten the money and bailed out Elder Dude. Clark = Superwhore. Kyla Ho gives Clark a big hug. Elder Dude says he's not happy it was Luthor money that bailed him out, but damn, he was getting tired of outrunning those young brutes in the pen who wanted to get "a little closer to the Earth Spirit," if you know what I mean. Clark says not all Luthors are the same. Elder Dude asks why Clark is doing all this. See previous paragraph in re: nookie. Clark says it's for a good cause. MamaKent walks in. She says she was running an errand and wanted to come by and apologize to Elder Dude for what's happening. Elder Dude is still pissed, and insists he was set up. MamaKent says false accusations aren't going to help anybody. Clark says someone from Luthorcorp put the bloody towel in Elder Dude's trash. Sweet, gullible superfool. Elder Dude says he sees where MamaKent's allegiances lie. Kyla Ho gives Clark an over-the-shoulder look as they leave.

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