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She-dogs and cave dwellers

The Torch. Clark walks in as Chloe's getting off the phone, and asks if there's anything new with Elder Dude's case. Chloe says that a simple "hello, Chloe" goes a long way. Mrrawwww. Clark says he's just a little..."Obsessed?" Chloe finishes. She says she just got off the phone with the coroner's office. They found teeth marks in the foreman's bone. Wolf teeth. Clark says that gets Elder Dude off the hook. Chloe says it's weird, because wolves have been extinct in Smallville for ninety years. Wolves? Extinct? Chloe's explanation: she says Kyla Ho's tribe name translates into "Skinwalkers." She shows Clark a sketch of a wolf-person. Yes, that's much more plausible than regular wolves roaming the countryside. Chloe says it's a Native American myth where people turn into animals. Clark says it's a legend. "Clark, sometimes legends are true." Sigh. Chloe also points out that Elder Dude has been arrested for radical tactics. Like, this one time, he totally busted out with a McTwist on a half-pipe. It was the most radical tactic I've ever seen, dude. Clark says Elder Dude's not a murderer. Clark, on the other hand...Clark walks off.

MamaKent is leaving a Luthorcorp loading dock. We see through Wolf-o-Vision somebody tracking her. She gets spooked and quickly scurries to her car. She looks around, scared. Inside the car, she tries to start the engine. Suddenly, there's a wolf on the hood of the car, growling at MamaKent through the windshield. Here's what I want to know: Figuring what we know later, why does the wolf go after her? Wouldn't some of the Clark-love make it impolite to go terrorizing Numan's adopted mother? Whatever. They just wanted to do an homage to Cujo. Mission accomplished. MamaKent fumbles for her keys and finally starts the car. The wolf is gone. Tribal chanting is heard.

Omar: So, Mr. von Fecund, do werewolf attacks in residential and business area occur very often?
Udo von Fecund: Mwwwrrrrrrrrraaarrrrr. Ggrrrrrrr. Rraowwwr!
Omar: I see. You're about that?
Udo von Fecund: Rrrawr.
Omar: I didn't mean to doubt you, I was just...
Udo von Fecund: Awrrrooooowwrrr!
Omar: No, I understand.

Commercials. I sure hope at least one or two of you caught The Iron Giant on the WB Thursday night. That movie...let's just say I get a little emotional towards the end.

Clark comes home all mopey. "So what do you know? You do still live here?" Bo says. Hey, Bo, while you're moaning, let's have a look at your leg, shall we? It healed awfully fast, didn't it? Maybe you're the one with alien superpowers. Bo, wearing glasses, gives Clark a message. Kyla Ho called for Clark twice. Bo says they seem to be getting pretty serious. Clark says he feels like everything fits; he can be himself around her and he feels they're destined to be together. But can you rub her bald head all night? Bo intuits that there's still something wrong. He invites Clark to sit down and rap with the old man. "What's up?" Bo asks. Clark says he likes Kyla Ho, but he thinks she may be dishonest. Bo says people aren't always what they seem. He's making excuses for people lying now. I always knew Bo was a bad seed. Clark says he thinks Kyla Ho knows more about Skinny Foreman's death than she says. MamaKent walks in, looking shaken. She says a wolf tried to attack her. Wait, is this the WB still? I thought maybe my TV caught CBS from October 2001.

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