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She-dogs and cave dwellers

Luthor hallway. Papa Luthor, in his dashing black shirt and wild hair, is walking down it. He hears something. A whistle? Music? Asian house boy? He sits down in the fireplace room and pours himself a drink by touch. Papa Luthor sniffs his brandy. Looks off into the distance with his blind eyes. Hears something growl. Something thumps at the door. Scritch-scratch. "Lex?" Papa Luthor says, standing. Somebody goes, "Oooohhhh," like a hoarse person making ghost sounds. Suddenly there's wolf sounds coming from all directions. The skinwalker must be hooked up to a Dolby Digital receiver! Papa Luthor is scared. Suddenly, we see him in Wolf-o-Vision, and then the white wolf is suddenly in front of him, growling. When did the wolf get through the door? Papa Luthor is scared. Wolf growls.

Omar: So, Mr. von Fecund, I want to thank you for coming out today. I know it's a long way from Transylvania A&M University.
Udo von Fecund: Graaawoorr.
Omar: I appreciate that, thanks. Would you like a chew toy on your way out?
Udo von Fecund: Awwwwooooooorrrr.
Omar: You're very welcome.


Homestretch, people. It's almost over. The wolf attacks with its paw. It's the fakest-looking, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog moment. The paw just reaches up and scratches Papa Luthor on the cheek. He screams and falls. The wolf looks like it's about to jump him. Clark busts in the door. He yells Elder Dude's name. Clark puts his hands out like he's the damn wolf whisperer or something. The wolf calms down. Major eye contact. Two guys, one of them with a gun, come through the doorway. Clark stops them from shooting. The wolf runs off and busts through the window. We hear a wolf whimper. Clark goes to see what happened. There's blood on the window glass.

Outside. Misty woods. Very Wolf Lake again. Clark calls Elder Dude's name and sees the white wolf lying on its side, bleeding. There's a deep gash on its stomach. The wolf...changes. It's Kyla Ho! Who didn't see that coming? She's all naked with her rump in the air. Clark puts his red jacket over her and says, "No, no!" He rolls her over. Holds her. Asks if she's all right. She says she didn't want to hurt the foreman or Clark's mom. But she sorta did. Clark asks why she didn't tell him the truth. She says she saw the look in Clark's eye when he thought it was Elder Dude. Clark says he's sorry. She says Clark's the first person she thought she could trust. She speaks in high-pitched staccato. She says Clark knows what it's like to carry such a big secret. Clark says he has to get her to the hospital. "Stay with me," she says. Can't he be with her as he superspeeds her to help? She says she's sorry she can't be the one for Clark. Awwww. She calls him "Numan." She dies. Clark says her name and holds her tight. Um...she's still got a few minutes before brain death. Wanna...just...take her for help, You sure? All right, fine.

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