Smoking Out The Snake

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Snake and Rat Redux

The tribe arrives at the challenge site and Peachy announces that it will involve "a little bit of co-ordination; whole lot of persistence." They're each given nine items; the goal is to get all of the items into a basket on top of a tower using a plank as a springboard. The items include a rope, a cornhusk, four big bags, two little bags, and possibly a skull. Peachy warns the S9 that the items must be catapulted into the basket one at a time and that they'll need to adjust for wind. The prize? Two goats. Not for dinner, but to barter in a local village for "whatever [they] deem important." Peachy adds, "And the merchant who you trade with will be able to increase his herd of goats which increases his wealth." I guess this gratuitous explanation is intended to head off critics who think Survivor is making a mockery out of non-Western ways of life. Instead Survivor and its goats are promoting the Kenyan economy! The goats are brought out by two locals, and we are reunited with Charles, first seen at the blood-drinking challenge. It turns out Charles was the name of the Kenyan, not the cow, and if Charles turns up one more time, he'll have to join the union. He's also brought along with him his brother, Isaac.

The challenge begins, and objects start flying everywhere except in the baskets. Tom, incidentally, is wearing a stars-and-stripes hat. Ethan gets two items in fairly quickly; then Kimj gets one; then Lex Loser. Ethan scores a third and then -- as he's long overdue -- trips. Kelly whines that her board keeps breaking. The game proceeds until Peachy announces that Ethan has only two items remaining; Lex Loser has three, and Brandon has four. When Ethan is down to one item: the rope, Kimp laughs at herself for still having none. My hatred of Kimp, by the way, has significantly diminished since the start of the season. Peachy announces, "Ethan, you're on your last one, but Lex [Loser] is right on your heels!" Brandon berates himself, and Kelly finally gets one in, causing Peachy to exclaim, "Kelly, welcome to the game!" The end of the game, but still. Ethan wins -- because this is nothing like hacky sack or soccer -- and it looks like Brandon really wanted those goats based on his frustrated disappointment. Kimj earnestly congratulates Ethan on the victory, then Peachy tells him "the deal": he'll take care of Ethan's goats overnight and will fetch Ethan in the morning. He suggests that Ethan might like to bring along with him to the village some additional items for bartering. As we go to commercial, the goats look concerned. As well they should.

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