Smoking Out The Snake

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Snake and Rat Redux

It's Day 23 at Mofo Maji. The tribe members gather belongings for Ethan to trade, as he says, "at the old marketplace or wherever." Brandon tells Ethan that if his hat can get stuff for everyone, that's fine. Ethan shows us the hat collection he's amassed and says, "This hat wants something sweet; this hat might want a belt or a bracelet; this hat wants..." Kimj cuts him off and exclaims, "Anything!" And Ethan concludes, "Anything...other than this hat." Hee. And another hee. But when they get kicked off, or when they win the million, can't they go trade their own hats for bracelets? I can see asking Ethan for food, but why not wait and do your own accessorizing? As the tribe eats, Peachy arrives with a big "Yo, Ethan!" and he sounds just like my friend Greg. It's uncanny. Peachy is all smirky as he asks how their breakfast is. Lex Loser says, "We got a little gray gruel goin'." Ethan shows Peachy his intended bartering items; then Peachy asks the others to walk Ethan to the Survivor truck, where Peachy points out that it's the same driver who dumped them in African on the first day. They all reminisce and mock the driver by imitating him. Peachy is yelling, "Up, up, up, up," but the driver never told them to go up, did he? Ethan climbs on the truck and says, "Hey, goats." Peachy then says he's afraid Ethan will be unable to handle the goats by himself, and that Ethan should pick someone from the tribe to help him out on the mission. In a confessional, Ethan tells us the situation was hugely political and he didn't want to pick anyone. He picks Lex Loser only because he came in second in the challenge, and everyone yells that it's a good choice because they're happy to be free of Lex Loser for a day. Frank teases, "If you gotta trade Lex [Loser], you know, get some more."

As the truck goes careening down the road stirring up dust, one goat hides underneath the other. People by the side of the road shoo the truck away and make rude -- though appropriate -- gestures at it. Or maybe they're just waving. In a confessional, Lex Loser complains about having to "keep a couple goats calm, and keep them still." Well, if it's such a trial, then he shouldn't have gone. He says the ride is bumpy and it's an "absolute ball-buster." Good-natured Ethan grins and pets the goats while Lex Loser pouts. A dog appears that looks like Piglet except it's light brown -- Piglet is black, but her features-enhancing natural highlights are caramel-colored.

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