Smoking Out The Snake

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Snake and Rat Redux

Ethan tells us that they arrived in a town called Wamba that is one small street with stores on it. And lots of skeptical-looking residents. Lex Loser says the trip was a "surreal experience," and he and Ethan agree that they're experiencing "culture shock." How sad that they've been in Africa for twenty-three days and are only just now feeling like they're encountering a different way of life. Lex Loser didn't know that when they arrived at the village it would be up to him and Ethan to actually "get the goats off." Now there's a visual I didn't need. As Ethan and Lex Loser try to unload the goats, Lex Loser says it will be "pure comedy." Ethan gently picks up a goat and says it's "not that bad," as Lex Loser stands on the ground waiting for the hand-off. Ethan carries the goat to the edge of the truck, squats with it, and then tips backward. He laughs it off and hands the goat to Lex Loser from a sitting position. When Lex Loser receives the full weight of the goat, he tips backwards, too. Those little goats wear their weight very well. In a confessional, Lex Loser tells us that a crowd of locals was watching "two very out-of-place guys chucking goats out of huge trucks [sic]." He says they were a "laughingstock" before even setting food in the village. Some cute kids laugh -- maybe at Lex Loser and Ethan, maybe at Ethan's hair; I couldn't say.

Ethan and Lex Loser have now successfully unloaded the goats, and now stand in the middle of the dirt road looking perplexed. Lex Loser says to Ethan, "Now, you won this, right? This was a reward, right?" He thinks it's more like a punishment or a hazing. Ethan good-naturedly weathers Lex Loser's jokes and the awkwardness of the situation. Lex Loser obviously likes to be in control, and Janet Jackson shoves Paula out of my brain cavity. Ethan tells us in a confessional that he knows nothing about goats and was unsuccessfully looking around for a hint or a direction. He says everyone was staring at him and Lex Loser, and that they were in the "hot seat." He panicked, so they just started "shopping 'em around." As they set out, Ethan jokingly asks, "We don't stand out, though, do we?" and Lex responds, "No, not at all." Hee. Samburu happy music plays. I suppose they figure they can reuse it here since we didn't have much occasion to hear it earlier.

Ethan and Lex Loser walk down the street and tell a well-dressed man that they're selling a goat. He offers them one third the amount they ask for, so they move on. The goats, meanwhile, struggle desperately to escape. Clearly they're embarrassed. Ethan and Lex Loser walk up to some people on the street and ask, "Do you know who wants to buy goats?" It sounds like a riddle. They walk up to some men standing in a doorway and ask, "We're selling a goat; anybody interested?" They walk up to some little girls sitting on a bench and ask, "Do you wanna buy a goat?" There are no takers until a man picks up one of the goats and complains that it's small. Lex Loser baby-talks that, "He's a baby." The man wants only one of the goats, but finally agrees to take both for their original asking price. Money is exchanged, for which Lex Loser says, "Danke schön." He then realizes that the buyer will probably sell the goats immediately for more money. Ethan wants to know where the goats are going, so they decide to follow the buyer. In a confessional, Lex Loser insists that they could have gotten attached to the goats. He says he thought they'd end up as "happy goats" -- in a flock or on a farm -- and that they would "cruise around the countryside eating grass and maybe mating or whatever." Instead, we find out that the buyer made "a beeline" straight for the butcher. Lex Loser and Ethan are slightly bothered, but they look at the positives: they now have the equivalent of $25 to spend on Nature Company trinkets.

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