Smoking Out The Snake

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Snake and Rat Redux

Suddenly we're at the site of the immunity challenge -- another hard-working poet-turned-clue-writer gets stiffed. Teresa hands over the immunity dog collar to Peachy, who somewhat suggestively asks, "Did you like having that?" Peachy asks that the S9 line up with the "short in front, tall in back." Brandon pushes and shoves his way to the front. Peachy then announces that they'll have thirty seconds to memorize the nature and location of nine items arranged in a grid inside a barrel. He advises them to make sure to look at every box. Duh. The S9 are then instructed to approach their own individual barrels and remove the lids. Peachy coaches them to think of the grid "like a phone pad" numbered across left to right from 1 to 9. I'm already confused. When Peachy yells a number, the competitors are to run 150 yards to a field and locate the corresponding item and place it in its correct spot in the grid.

The first item is #7: it is a leaf and a seed pod. Brandon gets it right; Frank does not -- he's returned with some elephant dung instead; Teresa, Tom, Ethan, and Lex Loser are also correct, but Kimj and Kimp both turn up with only one of the items. The next item is #2: elephant dung. Peachy commends Brandon on his proper selection, and Brandon says "thank you" in a cute way. Kelly is angry because she picked a rock, but insists she knew she was looking for dung; Teresa also returned with a rock. Peachy examines Lex Loser's dung and says, "Oh, Lex, size does matter." Peachy is in a very flirty mood today. Tom gets it right, too, and Peachy says to him, "Big Tom, you've seen that before!" It also sounds sexual, but I'm not sure how it possibly could be. Well, I know how it possibly could be, but I don't think that's what Peachy means. Ethan has also selected the dung, so he enters the final round with Tom, Brandon, and Lex Loser.

Peachy calls Brandon, Ethan, Lex Loser, and Tom back to the barrel and tells them they'll have fifteen seconds now to memorize nine different items. Back at their barrels, they are allotted one minute to find as many of the items as they can. As the challenge begins, Peachy advises them that they can run back and forth as they acquire items, or stuff the items in their pockets -- "whatever works." As they collect items, Peachy exclaims things like, "For immunity, guys, pick it up!" and "You better hustle, Brandon!" and "If you've got 'em, get it in!" and "Get it in the barrel!" I'd be so annoyed. Brandon finds six items; Lex Loser has only five. Big Tom returns with seven items, but one of them is wrong, so he only gets credit for six, which ties him with Brandon. It's all a moot point, anyway, because Ethan finishes with a big eight. He wins, but doesn't look too happy about it. Maybe because he just realized he's painted a big target on his back by winning two consecutive challenges. And he has to wear the dog collar.

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