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At Mike and Nancy's, the only two people lovable enough on the show to be in an actual relationship are discussing Thanksgiving plans of their own. Nancy's parents are coming. It is established that Mike feels uncomfortable around Nancy's dad, because all he does is sit there and stare at Mike. Mike decides that this year, he's turning the tables on Pops; he's just going to stare back in silence instead of constantly starting up lame conversations that would qualify as some of Ed and Carol's patented Awkward Small Talk.

We then see Ed on the phone, talking to his parents. As it turns out, his parents won't be around to enjoy Thanksgiving with the little Ed-head. They're going to France with some Norwegian friends. I think "Norwegian" must be one of David Letterman's favorite words, because this is twice that the word has been used in the series. "Wow, Brad Pitt," you must be thinking. "Is it against the law to use the word 'Norwegian' twice in one season?" No, my pointy-headed little reader of Ed recaps, it isn't. But when was the last time you used the word "Norwegian" twice in one year to get a laugh? Thus, my point...signed, sealed, and delivered to you in a nice big shiny Norwegian package.

Out in Mike and Nancy's front yard, Stuckeyville's only married couple are raking leaves. Ed comes running out with a wild idea. How about, this year, Ed's in charge of Thanksgiving dinner? He even promises to make Natalie Stevens' famous pumpkin pie. Mike salivates like Pavlov's dog at the sound of those words. Ed is ready to start a new TRADITION for Thanksgiving. Nancy doesn't think it's such a good idea, because her parents are coming, and they're pretty traditional when it comes to what they eat on Thanksgiving Day. She finally relents, because she knows what it will mean to their recently-divorced live-in buddy if he's in charge of Thanksgiving. Ed gets as giddy as he was in the grocery store and quotes a sign from the roller coaster at Coney Island. "Hang on to your wigs and keys"...the first annual Edward J. Stevens Thanksgiving Dinner is underway. As Ed scampers away, Nancy mutters, "Oh God, don't let him screw it up."

Back from commercials, we now visit Carol and a slim, slender new friend of Car...wait a second...is that..is that Molly?? My gosh...Molly is REALLY shedding some pounds these days! She's actually svelte! I have no reason to ever make fun of her weight again...she has REALLY lost some inches around the old southern hemisphere.

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