Something Very Expensive

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Something Very Expensive

Back outside, Merrick is enjoying showing Mary Stokes around the camp. He's laying it on a little thick, talking about teachers and how great they are. He gets choked up, talking of the reverence in which he holds teachers. She thanks him.

In Al's office, the time has finally come for Wu to get his meeting. He explains, in looks and gestures to his drawings, his concerns about the "San Francisco cocksucker [SFC]," Lee. Al tells him he needs to meet this SFC. Wu's mad and frustrated, and not getting it. "Swedgin?! Cocksuckah?! Meet?!" Yeah, Al tells him, Swedgin's got to meet the cocksucker, to see "how much juice he's got behind him." Wu: "JEWS?!" He jumps up, pointing out the window across the thoroughfare to the hardware store, pantomiming that he has a big nose. Al puts his head in his hands. "No, no, no, Wu. No Jews. Forget Jews!" Wu: "NO JEWS?! No Swedgin, no San Francisco cocksucker, no Jew!" He puts his first two fingers together like you do to indicate that you're tight with someone, saying, "Swedgin! Wu! Hang di!" Shaking his head, Al agrees. "Wu and Swedgin, hang di." I have no idea how to find out what "hang di" means, or even how to spell it, so I'm just gonna say it means "BeFri."

Joanie comes into the Chez Amie to find Maddie nervously flipping through her magazine. Joanie says the rest of the girls are at "that new store" mooning over a dress. When...and there a fancy dress store in Deadwood? Riddle me that. But, no, you don't have time. Because Maddie's panic in this scene is palpable. Joanie asks her what's wrong, and Maddie tells her Wolcott's in a room with Doris. Joanie wants to know why he's not with Carrie. "Carrie's napping," Maddie says. "I can't imagine what Carrie told Wolcott about Doris to make him want to fuck her..." Maddie is terrified. "Maybe that she reports to Cy Tolliver to keep Wolcott from bouncing Doris off more walls? Look up from your fuckin' magazine, Maddie!" Just then, Wolcott steps out of the room, asking to see Carrie. The three of them freeze. We all wonder about Doris.

In Cy's office, he's boozily laying out a plan of revenge for his henchmen to take against Merrick. He's pissed that Merrick fucked up their plans by not putting Jarry's claim announcement in the paper, rather nailing it the wall, making it appear suspect and causing a panic among the prospectors, thus messing up Cy's play with Wolcott. Yeah, I know. It's complicated. Leon and Con Stapelton don't get it, either. Cy wants them to go in and wreck Merrick's presses, but won't say it outright, and they have to pretty much have it laid out for them. It's a nice scene, but so damn wordy, and I only have ten fingers here.

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