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Present. Doc and Rebecca meet Hauser at the crime scene. Along with the dead guy's body and the car, they find Sonny's prison uniform. It was nice of him to leave it behind so that the team could ID him so quickly. They info-dump about the victim and the missing owner of the car, a man named David Pierce who runs the big cosmetics company his wife Helen founded. Doc says Sonny never used to kill. "If the ransom was paid, he returned his victims unharmed." Hauser says investigators found tire tracks leading away from the scene. His voice sounds strained. Rebecca tells him to get some rest. "You were shot," she reminds him. "You're only human." Doc has his doubts, as do I.

Doc and Rebecca pay Helen a visit at her home, which is kind of surprisingly modest. Everyone's downsizing these days. Helen's a little bit weirded out to find her husband may have been kidnapped for ransom, because the same thing happened to her when she was a girl. Her kidnapper's name? Sonny Burnett. Doc gapes at her. Rebecca looks... like she has no strong feelings one way or the other. Cue Hauser's annoying intro.

Woodsy prison. Dr. Beauregard tends to Hauser's bullet wound and mentions that the recaptured inmates have been healing from their injuries at an accelerated rate. Ernest Cobb's hand, for example, healed in weeks instead of months. Also, they're all in perfect health. "Any ailments they used to have are now gone," he says. This would have been so much more interesting if they'd shown it happening instead of just telling us about it after the fact. Dr. Beauregard goes on to info-dump about how the prisoners have colloidal silver in their blood. Hauser accuses him of experimenting on the prisoners back on Alcatraz, but Dr. Beauregard says he only took the blood. Only Warden James knows what happened after that. Dr. Beauregard suggests the blood could be used to heal Lucy, if they were to find an inmate with her blood type.

Helen's house. She says she was only 14 when she was kidnapped. Her name was kept out of the newspapers. That's why Doc is only learning about this now. Hauser joins the group and suggests to Helen that they're dealing with a "copycat." This gives them a plausible reason for asking her questions about her own kidnapping. She played along with Sonny, going so far as to help him kidnap someone else until she could get away from him some months later. Rebecca is pretty judgy about the whole thing. Somehow, she doesn't realize there are ways of keeping people prisoner without ever tying them up. She feels like Helen is holding back on some info, but Hauser sends her away before she gets too pushy.

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