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The Urbz: Sims in the City. Because city life isn't depressing enough without playing it on your Xbox, too.

The caves. It's almost over, folks. Just hang on. Clark, Lana, Chloe, and Lois all wake up. Three of the four of them are still in black and leather. Did you notice that Clark had time to put on a shirt on his way to the caves? Lois asks why they're lying in the dirt. Chloe asks what the hell they're wearing. Lana still looks better like this. Clark helps her up, and she asks what happened. Everybody's freaked out. Clark smiles because women acting silly and dressing like tarts against their will is funny to him.

Kent home. MamaKent gets after Clark because Bo Duke had to do some of his chores for him that morning. They just got back from Metropolis. Clark apologizes. Bo Duke comes into the kitchen. He asks if there's something Clark wants to tell him. He holds up a lacy red and black bra. MamaKent's mouth is an "O." "Where did that come from?" she asks. Bo says it came from the barn, and in the hay. Clark tries to explain: "It was magic," he says. MamaKent -- in the funniest line by far of this unintentionally hilarious episode -- says, "I'm sure it was!" Clark half-assedly explains what happened while apologizing for the party. Bo doesn't quite believe him. He dangles the bra for emphasis. Clark insists that magic exists: "And worse, it can hurt me." Bo decides to magically ground Clark for not doing his chores.

The Talon. The marquee reads, "Sonnet Saturdays: Free pick up line with purchase." Inside, Lana is getting rid of her witch cooking supplies and packing them up to send back to Williams-Salema. She's got sensible hair again. Lex is there, telling her that she left quite a path of destruction. Lana says she was going to come see him. Lex calls his visit a pre-emptive strike. He wanted to see if there was any more Evil Dead action coming. Lana says it's gone. She asks if she did anything to Lex. Lex examines his recently bloodied hand and says it was nothing permanent, but that she did show off interesting abilities. He thinks, "Man, this is one seriously fucked-up chick." Lana can't remember anything. She says it was thanks to Clark that things are all right now. She says she can't figure this farmboy out. She says he can be selfless one minute, and then do something like what he did to Jason, getting him fired: "For what? Because he's jealous?" Lex stops Lana. He tells her Clark didn't do it: "I did." Lana can't believe it. Lex says he wasn't going to sit idly by while someone in a position of power coerced Lana into a relationship. He seems to be ignoring the part where Jason and Lana were already dating before Jason took that job. Lana holds back her anger. "What are you doing, Lex?" she asks, simply. Lex says he's trying to protect her. She asks if he thinks that's what she really needs. Lex says he only had her best interests at heart. Lana's interests are none of his concern. Says the girl who was Lex's business partner and is now renting an apartment from him and asks him for favors all the time. Lana says she's old enough to decide whom she wants in her life. And whom she doesn't. She leaves Lex behind in her own apartment. Is that really the way you're supposed to handle that?

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