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Paranoid Man-droid

Lex and some "security" personnel head downstairs. Clark is carrying an unconscious Lana. Lex calls Clark's name. Clark looks at Lex sadly. "What have you done?" Lex asks. Lex looks pretty upset, too.

Commercials. Target may just be festively creepy enough to get you through the holidays.

Also, the show wants to give you a Ford car, amother other prizes, if you go to their contest website. I'm not sure it's a fair trade.

Smallville Medical Center. You know, I was starting to miss this place. In Bizarro! Chloe is by Lana's bedside. Wow, how'd they explain this one to the police? Chloe tells Clark hi. Awkward. Chloe remembers that she needs caffeine. She goes to get a cup. Not of coffee. Of caffeine. Clark starts to say he's sorry for beating the shit out of her, but she stops him to tell him it's all right. Choke her anytime! Lana says that Chloe explained everything. "She did?" Clark asks in surprise. Lana says she knows a silver meteor infected Clark and made him paranoid. Whew. Sweet relief of ages! Lana goes on to say that she knows the fake story about how it temporarily gave Clark powers. Clark kneels by the bed. He tells Lana he'd never hurt her. She says she knows that. They hold hands. Lana tells Clark that, whatever he saw, it was just his tripped-out brain; there could never, ever be anything between her and Lex. Except Clark, if he swings that way, and I think he does. Clark smiles goofily. He says he was imagining some crazy stuff: Chloe turning against him, his dad dealing with Papa Luthor, Lana and Lex talking about a spaceship. Lana doesn't confirm or deny that part. She changes the subject to tell Clark she's glad he's all right. Weird '80s-teen-movie music is playing through this whole scene, and loudly. It smells like Moby in here. Wanna normalize those sound levels, guys?

Hospital hallway. Chloe is there waiting for Clark as he exits Lana's room. Not her patient room. The room that they save for her because she's there every other week. Clark thanks Chloe for covering for him. She jokes that, for once in her life, she was glad not to be the object of Clark's desire. Clark starts to wonder what would have happened if he'd killed Lana. I think Al and Miles would turn around and kill him off themselves. Then the show would be called Lexville and we'd all be like, "Hells yeah!" Chloe sums it all up eloquently: "Silver Kryptonite. Who knew?" Clark says he doesn't want it to happen again. He asks if Chloe got the silver rock. Chloe says she asked Lex about it, and he said it was lost in all the excitement. Chloe doubts that story, and reminds Clark that Lex denied sending the rock in the first place. Clark reiterates for the umpteenth time that he doesn't really trust Lex, and this time it's got nothing to do with the paranoia. "He is a Luthor," Chloe says. Chloe tells Clark that she has to come clean about something: the emails from Papa Luthor were real. She tells Clark she's talking to him, but not about Clark. Papa Luthor is feeding her information about Lex's campaign. "Why would he do that?" Clark asks. Chloe speculates that Papa knows Lex better than anyone, and that the thought of his son in office may scare the hell out of him. Eh, too simple. Add some gravitas and some ulterior motive and maybe I'll believe it. Chloe reiterates that she'd never tell Papa Luthor or anyone else Clark's secret. "I'd die before I'd ever betray you," she adds, with heavy emphasis. You bastards! You're killing Chloe! You motherfucking bastards! Nooooo! (This concludes the angry rant portion of the recap.) Clark looks at Chloe lovingly. So, so dead. He hugs her. Nice knowing ya. Can I have all the spy gear from your trunk when they kill you off?

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