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Paranoid Man-droid

Clark rushes outside as dramatic music tries to punch up the scene. SoFine sees Clark walking by a Student Union booth and asks if everything is all right: "You look a little stressed out." Clark says that something really weird happened after class. He read. And then he comprehended. It was trippy. Clark says that, yesterday, a truck tried to run him off the road. "It wasn't black, was it?" SoFine asks. Why's it gotta be a black truck, huh, professor? This institution is so racist! SoFine says he thinks the same truck is following him. Only the one following him is full of Buffy nuts. Clark asks whether he knows who might be responsible. SoFine says that they've been fishing in dangerous waters, and that maybe the shark is getting testy. "Lex?" Clark asks. Well, Lex does get testes. SoFine says he never thought Lex would take things this far. SoFine apologizes for getting Clark pulled into this. Clark plans to go barge into Lex's house for the umpteenth time to accuse him of something on no evidence. Right on, Clark. You go do that. SoFine tells Clark not to be so hasty; he wants to make sure it's Lex first. He says he jotted down the license plate on the truck. He asks if Clark knows someone who can look up the plates for a registration. So, SoFine is this master researcher with all these great resources to dig into major dirt, but he doesn't have anyone that can do a simple AutoTrack for him? I smell set-up. Clark says that his friend Chloe can do it. Hell, she could do it as a freshman in high school. SoFine says he'll check with campus security to see if they've spotted the truck. He tells Clark to remember that, whatever happens, they're in this together. Clark looks a tiny bit less worried.

Daily Planet newsroom. Clark is pacing as Chloe is looking up the plates on what looks like her personal laptop. She says they should get a fax response in a few minutes. Clark has a hunch that the truck is registered to LuthorCorp. It all fits! Like an intricate jigsaw puzzle made of three pieces! Chloe's not so sure. She says that Lex comes from the "Rube Goldberg School of Villainy." We'd tell you how to apply, but it's kinda complicated. So they're already assigning Lex straight up into the villainy camp? Chloe says that a direct attack isn't really Lex's style. "There's only one way to find out," Clark says with steely resolve. Yes: have Chloe do it for you. Chloe gets out of her desk chair to go check on the fax machine.

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