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Paranoid Man-droid

Lex Luthor's Alien Spaceship Lube and Body Shop. An elaborate and fabulous lighting scheme illuminates the Kryptonian ship. The '06s have passenger-side curtain airbags. Very handy if you crash-land on Earth. This whole set really is very Starlight Express. But Lex is totally straight, of course. Lana says in a humorously rough voice, "It's real!" Lex says that it is indeed real, and that now he wants Lana to help him get inside and figure out what they're dealing with. It could be aliens! Lana stares at the ship in awe. Maybe if you built a big mound of dirt in your dorm room...

Kent Farm. Bo is in the barn, moving around some rolled-up pieces of fencing. "The hardworking American farmer!" says Papa Luthor, appearing magnificent in his black suit and tie. Papa says he can see the ads now. No TV ads, though, he says, given Bo's finances. Bo bellows that he doesn't know how Papa Luthor found out he was thinking about running for the state senate, but that if he's trying to strong-arm him out... Papa Luthor interrupts to say it's quite to the contrary. He offers his support, money, and considerable influence. Papa says that Bo's foe is "more than privileged" in those departments. Bo asks why Papa Luthor would back Bo against his own son. For shits and giggles? Papa takes a bastardous moment with that, scoffing slightly before answering: Papa Luthor says that Lex is an extraordinary young man with an extraordinary appetite for power. Emphasis on power. Papa says he fears that if Lex wins in his first political challenge, he'll like the taste of power so much, "he'll go on to devour the whole world." Astute, that. Bo's got just the platitude for the occasion: "Guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree." Sometimes it rolls farther when it's rotten to the core. Papa Luthor says he knows Bo doesn't trust him, but asks that his support be accepted anyway. We see Clark sneaking around the barn; he's listening in on the conversation. Bo laughs and tries to blow Papa Luthor off. "I know about Clark," says Papa Luthor seriously. He says that Chloe Sullivan has supplied him with all the info he needs. Stock quotes, horoscopes, access to the obits file. Having access to a low-level employee at The Daily Planet rocks! Papa Luthor rattles off what he knows: Clark's powers, his true identity, his vulnerability to Kryptonite. Do you know his shoe size? Because Clark's about to put a boot in your ass. Papa asks Bo to accept his support. He hands over an envelope and guarantees Bo a seat in the Senate. Bo opens the envelope as the Music of Dramatic Shifting plays. It's full of cash. Bo asks what happens if he doesn't accept. Papa says that Clark's secret will come out; it's just a matter of how Clark will be treated during the testing: "He can either be a distinguished guest or strapped down like a lab rat." Papa says it's Bo's choice. Bo pockets the money and shakes Papa Luthor's hand, which is a very un-Bo-like thing for him to do. Clark conveys an emotion: slight sadness.

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