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Hear No Evil, See No Evil

Peachy dismisses the tribes to begin examining the two-tiered structure, and cautions them to check out the back area and upstairs, as well. The camera pans over pieces of wood; pigs and chickens; pineapples and plantains; and a bowlful of round small things. Alex explains to a tribemate that the stove is made of wood, while Joanna examines a life-size diorama of a grill with some manioc patties on it. Well, if the girls didn't know how to cook the manioc before, they do now. We also see a canoe containing a coil of rope and a close-up of a ladder. As Peachy calls them back for the quiz, he explains that they'll have to answer the questions independently and can't refer to each other for help.

Jeanne and Dave compete first, and Peachy snits that it should be an easy question if they've been aware. He asks, "What are the colors on the rattle that came with your treemail?" which leads one to wonder: why did the rattle come with the treemail, anyway? Dave answers "yellow," and Jeanne answers "red and yellow." The two other people in my viewing group both knew the answer to this one, which impressed me, but neither Dave nor Jeanne did. The rattle was actually red, yellow, and green, so neither tribe scores.

Deena and Rob are asked how many rungs were on the ladder leading upstairs. Deena wrongly answers "eight," but Rob gets it right with "six." So Tambaqui gets a point, leading the men to chant and yell.

Butch knows that there were nine piggies in the pen, while Christy guesses that there were six. Another point for the men! Two-zip, Tambaqui.

Alex and Jenna both know that there were nuts in the bowl, and I'm amazed that they both could tell those round small things were nuts, and maybe they weren't, because Peachy concludes, "Nuts'll work." The score is now 3-1, Tambaqui.

Daniel and Janet are asked what two items sat in the finished canoe. Daniel looks hopeful with "spear," and how exactly does he manage to look so hopeful when he only has one answer written down? Janet answers "axe" and "hammer." Peachy explains that Daniel was half-right with the spear, but that there was also a coil of rope in the canoe. No points for either tribe.

Heidi and Matthew are asked how many hammocks were in the hut, and they both correctly answer "two." The score is now 4-2 in favor of Tambaqui.

Joanna and Roger both know that there were nine manioc cakes in the frying pan. A point for each, bringing the score to 5-3, Tambaqui.

Peachy explains that Tambaqui will automatically win if Jaburu doesn't answer the next question correctly. But both sides do answer correctly, that the two types of fruit in the kitchen were pineapple and bananas. The score is now 6-4, Tambaqui.

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