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Peachy reiterates their position: it's Deena's turn, and she has to get it right. Peachy explains that there was a trough full of manioc roots, and then throws in the kicker, asking how many of the manioc roots were peeled. Peachy shouts "Reveal!" and we see that they both answered "12." Actually, only four were peeled, so even though Rob also answered incorrectly, his tribe still prevails. The contest is over, and Peachy proclaims Tambaqui the victors. The music swells dramatically as Peachy absolves the male tribe of that night's Tribal Council, while sentencing Jaburu to a date with him that evening. He promises that he'll see them all that night, and pointedly adds, "including Shawna." As in, "Neener, neener, neener, I've got a date with Shawna!" The men hold the idol up in the air while chanting their tribe's name.

Busy ants carry leaves up a tree. The members of Jaburu have returned from the challenge and now sit around, staring at each other while Christy works. She asks for a volunteer to help her with the shelter, but no one steps up. As Deena sits before her looking amused, Christy rants that she badly wants a shelter and has already devoted hours to the task. In an interview, Christy tells us that her tribe is the "most laziest [sic]" group she's ever dealt with. We see a shot of a reclining Shawna, as Christy adds that some people are slacking and lying around, and that it pisses her off. She makes no friends among the group by insisting, "I can't just sit and chill like you guys." Deena tells us in an interview that she was taking a break when Christy went off on them. She says it "set [her] off," but that getting into it wasn't worth her time or effort, so she just walked away. And how did this non-antagonistic, seemingly reasonably woman ever make it through the screening process? Deena hauls branches while Joanna's voice pierces the jungle, chanting something about winning and building the shelter. Another very cute sloth snuggles up in a tree. I love those guys! Deena throws fronds at Christy's feet, and tells her to "build away." Christy's very mature response is that she doesn't want to work on the shelter anymore because she already did her part of it and doesn't feel like doing anymore. Instead, she wants to go fishing. Then, she throws herself face-down on the ground, flails her arms and kicks her legs while yelling, "Waaaa!" In an interview, Christy tells us that she's given up on working with the tribe because she feels excluded and has realized that she's "automatically rejected" in everything she does. Maybe it's just a defensive maneuver, but she does seem like she has a pretty major chip on her shoulder. She complains that Jenna hasn't said a word to her in five days. Jeanne tells Christy where the fishing necessities are, but Christy doesn't want to go along and says she'll wait for someone else to want to go with her. In the meantime, she'll help the others work on the shelter if that's their priority, but she doesn't want to be the only one doing any work. Jeanne assures Christy that "no one's shirkin', everyone's workin'," and clearly she's heard one too many Survivor treemails. Deena tells us in an interview that if Christy is voted out, it will be because of her personality and attitude, and not because of her disability. Again, her presence on this show is a miracle. I'm sure the flaw is shortly forthcoming. Christy argues with Janet over the quality of the wood, before Janet tells us in an interview that it will be either Joanna or her who goes at that evening's Tribal Council. She thinks the others are deciding that right now. If they're not busy sponge-bathing each others' breasts, that is.

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