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Hear No Evil, See No Evil

We zoom over to Tambaqui, where the men have cooked up a fluffy, bright yellow pot of manioc. For those who just tuned in, Alex tells us in an interview that they're in the Amazon rainforest. He explains that the tribe members successfully built the shelter and have figured out how to use the manioc flour. We join the tribe as they're eating their gourmet manioc patties, before Alex adds that it's "not the Ritz, but it's pretty cool." Roger calls the group "a bunch of lame-brains" for not figuring out sooner how to cook the manioc, while Dave claims that "it's filling, and it tastes average." Now that's a beer slogan! Matthew, incidentally, is kind of scary-looking.

The men head off on a fishing exhibition in the tribe's giant boat, and Roger persists in shouting rowing commands at the others. In an interview, he peeks around a tree and tells us that the tribe members' first few days in the Amazon were embarrassing because they lost the immunity challenge. Still, he insists that they've established a very good team. The men throw out their net and congratulate themselves on its being a "good one," and a "nice cast," and a "coordinated effort." Dave tells us that they're settling in; they now have a shelter, and they're assessing the food situation. He explains that they're trying to figure out what they need to do to sustain themselves "for the long haul." Or the remaining thirty-four days -- whichever comes first. Ominous clouds roll in, which in the men's estimation look "pretty angry." The tribe members agree to head back to camp, and Rob bemoans the fact that it was "so sunny a minute ago." But you see, that's what happens before it rains. Because if it wasn't sunny at some point before the rain, then it would always just be rainy, wouldn't it? Dave tells us that they got back to camp just before it "dumped." By "dumped," he means "rained," in case you thought someone had an unfortunate accident. Trees stir, branches are wet, and water drops onto leaves. Alex tells us that although it rained heavily, they were mostly dry inside the shelter. We see the men huddling under their roof, while Butch remains in a mini shelter attending to the fire. They don't look particularly pleased, but Dave says, "It sucks to be outside right now."

Which brings us to the women. We see a shot of the upturned canoe collecting rain, the women not having realized that it won't float very well full of water. The tribe members continue to work outside, and Shawna complains that she's very cold. At least she's wearing a raincoat, as is everyone else except Joanna, who's stumbling around in her bathing suit. Shawna explains in a rainy interview that the rain came on suddenly and now they're being pummeled by this "ridiculous, horrendous storm." She complains that the ground has fallen through, their stakes are flimsy, and they didn't finish their shelter on time. Right now, she explains, they're focusing on building the fire because the fronds are "crap." They're trying to weave them together in order to maintain the fire, which is their "lifeline." And someone's been watching a little too much Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. The women stand around and look perplexed while Deena comments, "I can't believe how bad we suck." As we see more shots of the women ineffectually fussing in the rain, Shawna wraps up by telling us that they thought they'd have more time because they forgot they were in the Amazon, where it rains daily.

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