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Hear No Evil, See No Evil

Morning dawns, and the rain has decreased to a piddle. The men paddle their canoe and arrive at a challenge. A challenge already! And no clue! Peachy welcomes the tribes to their first reward challenge, which he says will test how well they communicate with each other. He claims that "their ability to listen to each other and take direction" will determine the outcome, and all the women then stare and point at Christy. Because she's deaf! And she can't hear! And so she can't be expected to listen, can she? Thirty puzzle pieces are scattered throughout a clearing in the jungle. Each tribe will pick one member to act as a guide, while the other members will be blindfolded in pairs. The guide will vocally navigate the pairs through the muddy, obstacle-strewn course. Once all the pieces are gathered, the tribes can remove their blindfolds and begin piecing the puzzle together. The first tribe done will win the award. Peachy announces that the river beyond their camp contains a lot of food and "really big fish." The best way for them to catch them is with "fish bait," and Peachy dramatically unveils a jugful of bloody, pink animal parts. They all cheer because they like clumps of bloody, pink animal parts. It's a lot of whatever it is, and Peachy promises that it will provide a lot of food. Gross as it looks, the tribes could probably cook the bait and eat it, but that probably won't occur to them. Jaburu agrees to sit out Christy, and says Joanna will be their guide, while Butch will lead Tambaqui.

The challenge begins, and there's lots of yelling, bumbling, and all-out chaos. From the beginning, it doesn't look promising for the men: it's difficult to follow directions when you don't know you're the one being addressed. Before volunteering to guide them, Butch probably should have learned his teammates' names. His tribe isn't much better: they're grabbing at anything, ignoring his cries to "stop, stop, stop," and running into each other. Peachy smugly reminds the tribes that "it's all about clear communication," but that doesn't help Tambaqui, as we see Dave plow into Roger and pin him to a platform while Christy and Peachy crack up. Butch adds to the chaos by yelling, "Excuse me, Alex, I'm sorry, Mitch, I'm sorry, Matt! Matt! Matt!" Joanna, meanwhile, has taken a different approach. Her use of "paces" is a good idea, but her shriek to "Drop your piece!" only causes Heidi to put down a plank, raise her hands, and slowly back away. Peachy yells that the girls are way ahead, and Butch complains, "I can't see my other guy!" What are they, chess pieces? Butch then cracks up because Alex has picked up a stick instead of a plank, but oddly enough, Alex doesn't find it so funny. As the girls retrieve their last puzzle piece, Joanna shrieks, "Follow my voice! Follow my voice! Drop it!" The cameraman scores his second $50 Heidi boob shot, while Daniel yodels at Butch for instruction. Roger is also yelling, wondering if he has the right side of the piece, but it's not like they have to carry the pieces facing in the right direction, so I'm not sure why he's flipping out. The girls have begun working on the puzzle by now, and the men start shortly thereafter. Peachy reminds both tribes to check the "puzzle reference," and as Jaburu gets close to the end, Christy does an unflattering dance. Really, in the context of this show, there are no flattering dances. The girls finish up, and Peachy proclaims Jaburu the winner of its second challenge in a row. He hands over the bait mess, and assures them that they'll eat well for the next few days. Joanna yells "Hallelujah!" and points at the sky yelling, "You it [sic]!" Clearly, she's not this season's victor, since they've already met their God-loving, religious zealot, female African-American victor. While the men look dismayed, the women bop fists in victory and then claw over each other to hold hands and look united. Not to mention score some camera time.

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